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Seeb & Nina Nesbitt Join Forces For “Sweet Dreams & Dynamite”

Norwegian DJ duo Seeb joined forces with Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt for the new dance-pop track “Sweet Dreams & Dynamite.”

Seeb & Nina Were Fans of One Another Before “Sweet Dreams & Dynamite”

“Sweet Dreams & Dynamite” talks about the time when you know a relationship with someone you love is about to come to an end, and you don’t want to let it go. In the chorus, Nina sings, “All I know, this just hurts too much. I don’t wanna see you in love. I don’t wanna break down and cry. Gonna close the door. Cut my feelings off and say goodbye. I don’t wanna let my cheeks blush. When I think about you and I. Sweet dreams and dynamite.”

Seeb – Espen Berg and Simen Eriksrud – say of Sweet Dreams & Dynamite, “We’ve been looking for an opportunity to work with Nina ever since we heard ‘The Best You Had’ a few years ago. Then suddenly out of the blue she sent across a lovely piano ballad idea she had been working on and we immediately clicked with it and jumped all in. It really took on a direction of its own and we are really happy with how it turned out. Nina is a pleasure to work with and being from Swedish/Scottish parents we felt right at home from the start.”

Nina adds, “I’m so excited to collab with Seeb on Sweet Dreams & Dynamite. I love where they’ve taken this song after sending them it as a piano ballad. I’ve been a huge fan for a while now so I’m really pleased to have something together.”

A Look Into Their Past Work

Just a few months ago, Nina released the dance-pop single “Life’s a Bitch (L.A.B),” which let us see a wilder side of her that we had not seen before. In the summer, she shared the electrifying “Summer Fling.” In this new collaboration with Seeb, she changed the rhythm even though the lyrics are melancholic, the song is sweet and sunny.  On the other hand, Seeb, released their Sad in Scandinavia album in January this year, which included collaborations with artists such as Bastille and Zak Abel. 

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