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Saweetie Drops New Single, ‘Richtivities’

Due to the level of success she achieved with songs like “Best Friend” and “My Type,” it’s easy to forget that we’re still waiting on Saweetie’s debut album. Delayed a handful of times over the past few years, official information about a date remains sparse. Regardless of whether it’s to hold over fans as they wait or as the beginning of a new cycle, Saweetie just delivered her newest single, “Richtivities.”

“Richtivities” Finds Saweetie Back At The Top

There’s no way around it, “Richtivities” gives you a ton of information with just the name alone. The content of and peripherals around this new track all center around a true life of luxury. Instrumentally, that manifests as a classical intro and underpinnings in the beat, a slight twist on the 808-heavy formula she landed on for her past few releases.

On the mic, Saweetie is as dependably confident as ever, delivering lines on “Richtivities” like, “Big amounts, never have to go without / Money talk, bank account word to mouth / Private jets, first class, not a flex / Post a pic, shut down the entire net.” In that stanza especially, the flow that Saweetie adopts in the verses hints towards some Dirty South leanings, with a recent close comp shockingly Denzel Curry on “Ricky” (strange, for sure, but A-B compare and you’ll see the similarity).

A photo of California-born singer, Saweetie, who just dropped her newest single, "Richtivities." Taken from @Saweetie on Instagram.
Taken from @saweetie on Instagram.

Finally, the official visualizer and artwork drive home the luxe atmosphere if Saweetie’s performance hadn’t done so already. Largely shot solo in a grand estate, the outfits, vistas and actual music all emphasize that she’s way out of your tax bracket.

As previously mentioned, it’s not yet clear whether “Richtivities” will be a standalone single, or if it’ll factor into larger LP plans for the California-born rapper. Either way, for long-time fans of her, the new track certainly does well in delivering the trademark charisma she’s known for. You can find “Richtivities” now on all streaming platforms.

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