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Real Friends And With Confidence Co-Headline Tour

Real Friends and With Confidence Tour. Image from The Lost Horizon

U.S. Fall Tour

Pop punk bands Real Friends and With Confidence are uniting for an epic U.S. Fall tour. The tour kicks off September 28th and concludes in November. The bands will conquer cities across North America including Toronto, Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, Atlanta, Dallas and Seattle. Real Friends and With Confidence recruited The Home Team and Taylor Acorn as guests for the fall tour. 

Real Friends

Despite Real Friends emerging in 2010, the five man band from Illonois continues to dominate in 2022. The group consists of lead guitarist Dave Knox, Kyle Fasel on the bass, Eric Haines on the rhythm guitar and drummist Brian Blake. Cody Muraro was selected as a replacement for their former vocalist in 2020. The bandmates loved the grit and passion in his voice. Real Friends share emotion and vulnerable lyrics in their music that capture hearts across the world. Their most recent release in 2022 “Always Lose” is a track about the fear of letting your guard down for someone. As a result, they hold back to avoid heartbreak and loss. Real Friends hopes to conquer these fears and be able to fall in love again. 

With Confidence

Similarly, pop punk band With Confidence, are open and transparent in their music. They capture feelings of depression, grief and love. The Australian band formed in 2012 and released their debut single “Stand Again” in 2013. The lead vocalist and writer is 29-year-old Jayden Seeley. In fact, With Confidence has over 150 million streams, with hits such as: “Voldemort,” “Moving Boxes,” and “Godzilla.” The last project from the band was self-titled album With Confidence in  2021. The project touches on themes of love, personal struggles, growth and perseverance. 

In conclusion, both bands are authentic, relatable, and represent true pop punk.  Fans appreciate the vulnerability and passion in their music. The Fall Tour will be a full of tears, laughs, and celebration. 

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