December 08, 2022

“Rain Down” by Solence is Action Game Goodness


.Have you been looking for an epic metalcore band that’ll get you pumped up? Sweden’s got you covered with the immensely emotional and phenomenally performed Solence. If my track record doesn’t convince you, then let’s take a dive into their latest single “Rain Down”. 



Rain Down Is Action Game Goodness: 

Yes, you read that right. Their latest song feels like something that would fit perfectly within an action game series like Devil May Cry. From the long instrumental opening to the grandiose in-your-face lyrics about growth and fearlessness, this one rocks! With hard energetic guitar and drums alongside vocals by Markus Videsäter, Solence proves to be something special. The double edge blade of this band is that they aren’t nearly as popular as other acts. I’m talking bands like Black Veil Brides, Bring Me The Horizon, and more. The good thing about that is that people like you and I, who might be new to this genre, can get behind this vibe. 

Originally formed in 2012, Solence has been one of those viral metalcore bands who started off doing covers of famous video game songs. This is probably why their music, while incredible to listen to on its own, feels so at home there. Whether it’s the anthemic “Thunder” or the utterly sweet “Animal In Me” this band is perfect for newcomers and long time fans of metal.  

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