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Planet 1999 Dazzles on Latest Love Song “Crush”

Planet 1999 for Dazed MagazinePlanet 1999 Dazzles With Their Latest Love-Song “Crush”

Planet 1999 is a french shoegaze band reigning from London. The PC Music (A.G. Cook, Hannah Diamond, umru) signed trio is the first band under the maximalist London label.  Made up of brothers Alex and Charles and fellow PC Music soloist Caro (Caro♡), the group goes by the motto “EVERYTHING IS ABOUT EMOTION.”  Planet 1999’s, dream-pop sound often features airy pitched-up vocals and baby-blue bubblegum pop emotion.  Fully debuting in 2020 with their Devotion EP the group has already co-produced and written for acts like Charli XCX, Banoffee, and Nasty Cherry.  Now, the group begins their next era with the single “Crush.”

“Crush” Is A Melodic Single Perfectly Showing The Bands Aesthetic With PC Music

“Crush” is a glittering song.  Planet 1999 images gentle euphoric fantasies of love in each verse.  Caro sings with optimism as shiny synths guide her into the vivace chorus.  Here, the production gets hyper-animated.  Like on their hit single “Party,” it sounds as if the group cuts random vocals to create the word “crush” on the chorus – a trademark of theirs.  It is here that you understand their place on PC Music’s family tree.  Their ingenuity allows them to engineer songs unconventionally to create fresh soundscapes.  Soundscapes that they cover in twinkling stars and bubbling hearts.  “Crush” is an exciting glimpse into what Planet 1999 has in store for their unannounced This Is Our Music EP.

In addition to their upcoming project, the single also features on PC Music’s newest compilation album PC Music, Vol. 3.  Nearly six years after volume two, the project will feature songs from the label during that six-year span.  Charli XCX, Namasenda, Hyd, Planet 1999, and more will all be included on the album out May 13th.

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