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One to Watch: Machine Gun Kelly’s LIFE IN PINK Streaming on Hulu

Love him or hate him, Machine Gun Kelly is now one of the most prominent artists around. Coming from the rap scene to move to a punk rock ambience, the artist has created himself quite a bit of fame, which not everyone appreciates. On June 28 Machine Gun Kelly arrived on Hulu with LIFE IN PINK. The so called “raw realness and pressure of a rock star’s rise to the top” is the center of what’s narrated in the almost two hours length of the production.



Colson Baker, known as Machine Gun Kelly, is the 32 years old that splits the world in two. Love him or hate him, MGK doesn’t leave anyone impassible. Smashing guitars just like The Who but insulting rock pillars like Slipknot, dissings with the best and unprofessional behaviours on stage are just some of the controversies that made him an easy target for haters.

On the other hand, almost 18 millions monthly listeners and over 50 million records sold worldwide.

The singer’s career was marked from the beginning by the dissing he had with Eminem. Shortly, MGK turned his rap journey towards a career characterised by electric guitars and Travis Barker’s rhythmic drumming. Due to this rapid and sudden turn, MGK immediately took on the role of the scapegoat of our era. Undeserving or misunderstood, MGK has ever since been the focus of haters and critics.

“The best self-sabotage I’ve ever witnessed”

The movie portrays a representation of the artist between 2018 and 2022. In these years, the artists faced multiple fights, especially against his own self. In fact, LIFE IN PINK is excerpts from the life of the singer between depression, hatred and revenge against those who didn’t (and still don’t) believe in his abilities.

The singer’s harsh relationship with drugs and alcohol appear to be one of the main focus in the movie. “I’m like the best self-sabotage I’ve ever witnessed,” says the artist. Moreover, he also shares the origin behind many of his issues, which he says are related to his childhood and family relationships. As discussed in the movie, the artist even reached the darkest point, when he attempted suicide.

On the other hand, LIFE IN PINK shows how MGK got his revenge right when the world stopped. In fact, during Covid 19’s pandemic, the artist went back to his origins and picked up a guitar. This made his life and music journey have a sudden turn around.

In the movie, alongside MGK, his daughter Casie Colson Baker, soon to be wife Megan Fox, Blink 182 drummer and producer Travis Barker and may more, appear as well.

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