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On The Rise of TikTok’s Kid Moon

The musician known as Kid Moon is a gifted hip-hop artist from Philadelphia who got his start on TikTok. He caught the attention of the public and the music industry due to his soulful lyrics and catchy beats. His music combines traditional hip-hop components with a contemporary touch, producing a distinctive and alluring sound. He does this all while producing something unique as his own vision for his music reflects his love for both genres. His music has also made him social media famous. He has 9.2K followers on Spotify, 7.4K subscribers on YouTube, 31.3K followers on Instagram, and 18.1K followers on TikTok.

Kid Moon "Insane"
Kid Moon “Insane”

As per Viberate, his notable songs include “Insane,” “BORN TO FIGHT,” “There For You,” “or what,” “Thick & Thiin,” “TAKE A TRIP,” “Duck Em,” “Begin,” “BRUCE WAYNE,” and “Never Learn.” “Insane” is his most notable, creating his most distinctive sound because of its catchy beat and smooth flow. Fans of his have also liked “BORN TO FIGHT” because of its stirring lyrics. The have also liked “There For You” because of his musical range, but also laid back tone. His most recent songs include “Wasn’t Meant To Be,” which was released earlier this year. It is an emotional track that demonstrates his lyrical skills and establishes a very personal connection with his listeners. His most recent album is ERA. It’s earning him more recognition than his previous ones thanks to the way he has grown as a musician. This is especially true concerning his experimentation with his music. 

In his time as an artist, Moon has collaborated with SSJ Twiin with “Thick & Thiin.” He was also joined by Kanii for the remix of “Never Learn.” Collaborations such as these have become increasingly popular. They give both artists creative ways to experiment and make music for any given audience. It’s simply another way for Kid Moon to keep his fame rising and his followers following.

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