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Nothing But Thieves Announce New EP With “Miracle, Baby”

Nothing But Thieves announced they have a new EP on the way by releasing a new track, “Miracle, Baby.”

Nothing But Thieves Experiment on Their Sound

“Miracle, Baby” is the second song that has been released so far of the five-track EP. “Futureproof” was the first song that the band gave fans, but there wasn’t any news about the new EP back then. The EP will be titled Moral Panic II, and will be a continuation of the band’s 2020 Moral Panic album.

“Miracle, Baby” finds the group experimenting with elements of soul and funk over prog-rock undertones for the follow-up to “Futureproof”. “You need a miracle, baby. But I wouldn’t wait too long. It’s not gonna save ya. Seen any miracles lately? They hardly ever come along. I need a miracle, baby,” they sing in the chorus.

The new track was written directly after “Futureproof,” Nothing But Thieves told TotalNtertainment. “After experimenting with hip hop/RnB influences on that song, it really helped inform a direction for us to follow – we tried to pull vocal inspiration from soul and funk and musical inspiration from almost a prog-rock background. The lyrics are light-hearted in a way, which felt refreshing to include in the Moral Panic world. We wanted to create a narrative – they’re actually very nearly a joke. But the end seems to turn them round somehow and makes the whole thing more punchy.”

The Moral Panic Era Continues

They also shared that they came up with the idea to continue the Moral Panic era after the album was finished. “Moral Panic II was something we decided to do only after Part I was all mixed, mastered and the records pressed.  It didn’t feel like we were done with the Moral Panic theme – I think partly because we hadn’t been able to tour the project yet, it didn’t feel right to move on. But we also had the luxury of time to assess the album. Explore some avenues we felt the album may have missed.”

Speaking of, Nothing But Thieves will be touring the UK and Europe this fall. It starts on September 30 in Dublin and concludes on October 16 in Nottingham. After this, they will continue their travels throughout Europe. Starting on October 18 in Barcelona, Spain, they will visit several countries until finally concluding the tour on December 4 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. You can check out all the dates and get tickets here. 

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