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NMIXX Release Their Summer Hit ‘Roller Coaster’

Last year, NMIXX’s adventurous single “O.O” didn’t quite fit the bill for a perfect K-Pop debut, but their new single, “Roller Coaster,” is the perfect boss nova-influenced pop track for the summer.

JYP Entertainment dulls the group’s promised, hard-hitting ‘MIXXPOP,’ a concept that mixes genres into one unison experience, is dulled for a more K-Pop-guaranteed win. Instead of a hyper-hip-hop, cross-stitching production, “Roller Coaster” straps a bright-edged bossa nova rhythm jeweled with funky urban house additives.

The song compares the overwhelming feeling of first love to a roller coaster ride, capturing all of love’s irregularities. Representing NMIXX’s ever-growing evolution, “Roller Coaster” unfolds in wonderous directions and dizzying unpredictability with each second. The summery music video surrounds member Bae’s getaway daydream and ends with her waking up in a classroom.

Despite their overwhelming online viewership, their overall music production reads too advanced for a rookie group. When controversy overshadowed NMIXX’s debut mini-album, expérgo, Dazed rooted for them, dubbing the perception of “O.O” as “the poor man’s ‘I Got A Boy’ [ by SNSD.]” Even with the new single’s sonically alignment with current K-Pop trends, netizens are already calling the track “unoriginal.” Simply put, while NMIXX’s music resonates with legendary K-Pop genre-hopping moments, netizens are still understanding the group’s core. 

“A lot of things at the start can be difficult to get into but once you get used to it, people, I feel like, can start loving it. So even though it was a little hard to see such negative reactions, I have hope that people will come to like MIXXPOP.”

NMIXX’s Lily tells Dazed

“Roller Coaster” is the pre-release single off NMIXX’s upcoming project, A Midsummer NMIXX’s Dream, with the lead single, “Party O’Clock,” available July 11. This follows March’s expérgo, which houses unforgettable singles “Young, Dumb, Stupid” and “Love Me Like This.”

Additionally, The girl group recently wrapped up their Nice To Mixx You showcase tour in US and Asia.

Are you in love with NMIXX’s new single, “Roller Coaster”? Let us know in the comments!

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