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Netflix’s YOU Recap – What You Need To Know Before Part 2

Characters in season 4 of Netflix's YOU

If you’re looking for a refresher for the first part of YOU before part two releases, read on! Here’s your warning: spoilers ahead!

Netflix’s YOU Is To Die For

Before we dive into season 4, let’s do a quick recap. Netflix’s YOU follows serial-stalker Joe Goldberg as he hyper-fixates on love interests throughout his life. In season one, we meet Beck. Season two introduces Love Quinn, a rare mirror for Joe who shares his twisted tendencies. One thing these two have in common? Both meet a tragic end from the hands of none other than Joe. If you want more background on Joe’s love interests, check out this article here.

The following season catches us back up to the present. Joe and Love have their first child and settle down in the suburbs, painting a picture perfect family. However, if you know Joe, then you know that if it’s too good to be true, you’re probably right. After catching feelings for co-worker, Marienne, Joe’s marriage begins to fall apart. In a series of wildly unfortunate events, their suburban town of Madre Linda gets flipped upside down as residents meet their bitter ends. The season closes with Love exposing Joe as the killer he is in front of Marienne, before she is poisoned and eventually left to burn in their home.

Catching Up With The ‘Eat the Rich’ Killer

Screen capture of the young aristocrats Joe befriends in Season 4, Episode 1

Now, let’s finally dive into season 4. So long to Joe Goldberg, and hello to Jonathan Moore. “Jonathan” follows new love interest Marienne to London, once again caving to his stalker habits. There, he meets an elitist group made up of ignorant, wealthy public figures. And where Joe goes, death follows.

After waking up from a crazy night at a party, Joe finds his dining table covered by his neighbor and friend Malcolm, with no recollection of how he got there. Convinced he must have succumbed to his killer instincts, Joe disposes of the body before receiving cryptic texts. These texts reveal that someone had set Joe up and turned the tables on our favorite serial killer. The first half of the season follows Joe as he attempts to prevent the dreadful fates of his elitist friends while trying to preserve his fake identity. The number of deaths quickly multiplies, with Joe desperately trying to get one step ahead. And yet, the Eat the Rich Killer is more tactical than Joe could even fathom.

Eventually, the killer is revealed. Joe learns that his dear friend and affluent political figure, Rhys, had darker intentions than he thought. In a scheme to boost his campaign for mayor, Rhys hoped to work with Joe to get rid of the wealthy class and appeal to the working class. However, Joe, in an attempt to remain on his redemption arc, is not interested in Rhys’ games. The first part of the season ends with Joe escaping from Rhys, impatiently awaiting Rhys’ next move back in London.

Phew, that was a ton to catch up on. There are so many theories surrounding this season, but all of our questions will be answered soon. The next part of Season 4 is out NOW! Be sure to tune in and let us know what you think of YOU.

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