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Music Re-Discovery: Peach Tree Rascals

This week we’re looking back on previous Music Discovery Artists such as Peach Tree Rascals. They are an indie band that’s been on our radar for quite some time. An interesting feature was this one.  Showcased here is a  Campbell’s soup commercial that features a track of theirs.

On October 22, 2021, the pop music collective, Peach Tree Rascals covered “Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac. This 1987 Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart topper was recreated in a similar way as the original version. However, Peach Tree Rascals made their version a bit shorter.

With great excitement, the group released the cover on Spotify after teaming up with Campbell’s soup and their label, Universal Music Group in order to make this happen. As listeners of Fleetwood Mac, they were quite eager to finally announce this news to the general public just last week.

How Peach Tree Rascals Covered “Everywhere”

Music Discovery Artists Peach Tree Rascals created their own version of “Everywhere” with a quieter intro than Fleetwood Mac did. Fleetwood Mac’s version kicked off the song with a very 80s-like beat. The intro contained a sound that’s more like a bell and then faded to a quieter sound. With Peach Tree Rascals, there was never that same bell sound. In addition, their vocals performed similarly to the very low voice of Christine McVie, one of the lead vocalists and keyboardist of Fleetwood Mac.

Peach Tree Rascals Partnered up with Campbell’s & Overall Success

In a recent tweet, Peach Tree Rascals announced “We Teamed up w/ @Campbells for a Fleetwood Mac cover “Everywhere” out on all streaming platforms #whatsoundsgoodtonight.” Campbell’s has a partnership with Universal Music Group, which allows these opportunties to happen. The group also has a signed deal with UMG. As of now, Peach Tree Rascals has a pretty small following across social media so the tweet itself didn’t receive much attention. Their Spotify streams and monthly listeners contradict this though. Their song “Mariposa” acquired nearly 230 million streams along with their other four top tracks making it to the millions. With that said, their cover of “Everywhere” may have high potential to gain streams.

Music Discovery Artist Peach Tree Rascals Update:

You can catch Peach Tree Rascals at two upcoming festivals. First up will be Boston Calling on May 29th. Then later, on June 11th they will perform at the Governors Ball in NYC.


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