Mitski Faces Her Fears on “Love Me More”

Alternative star Mitski is making it clear that she is back better than ever. Gearing up for the release of her new album, she shared her latest single, “Love Me More.”

Lauren Hell Arrives in February

Mitski announced her new era back in October with the release of “Working for the Knife”. To commemorate the release, she whipped clean her Instagram profile, which now shows only posts pertaining to the new era. Since then, she has been dropping one single per month; with November’s “The Only Heartbreaker,” December’s “Heat Lightning,” and now “Love Me More.”

But Mitski is not only releasing singles, though. All of these songs she has shared recently will be featured in the musician’s upcoming studio album Lauren Hell; set for release on February 4.

Mitski Explains Isolation Pre-Pandemic on “Love Me More”

“Love Me More” deals with the feelings of loneliness and isolation that come after a heartbreak. “If I keep myself at home. I won’t make the same mistake. That I made for fifteen years. I could be a new girl, I will be a new girl. I wish that this would go away,” Mitski sings in the opening verse; which makes us dive right into this story.

The strong song was written pre-pandemic life, and Mitski shared the meaning of it. “Lyrics like ‘If I keep myself at home’ had different meanings than what they would now; but I kept them on the album because I found that some of the sentiments not only remained the same but were accentuated by the lockdown.”

She continued, ” ‘Love Me More’ went through the most iterations out of all the songs on the album. It’s been too fast, too slow, and at some point, it was even an old-style country song. Finally, I think because we had watched The Exorcist, we thought of Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells” and experimented with floating an ostinato over the chorus.” 

Mitski is hitting the road for her upcoming tour starting this February. Check out full dates and tickets here.

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