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Michael Giacchino Makes His Director Debut On “Werewolf By Night”

It isn’t everyday that you see a score composer take a crack at directing. Well, it’s spooky season and I’ve got a treat for you. Michael Giacchino isn’t just a composer anymore, he’s a director. In actuality, it is all thanks to “Werewolf By Night!” But how exactly did he do? Did he solely direct the film? Let’s get into it! 


Michael Giacchino and Directing

First and foremost, “Werewolf By Night” is phenomenal! I can’t overstate that enough. This film truly captures the vibe and feel of classic universal monster movies flawlessly. Granting, Michael Giacchino has a strong desire to homage, a genre he’s loved since a young age.

With this in mind, Giacchino has made a name for himself composing music for films, television and video games. As a matter of fact, he was behind the music for the renovated 2005 version of Space Mountain at Disneyland.

To resume back to “Werewolf By Night,” those of you who’re on the fence because the MCU has been a mixed bag lately, don’t be. This is the world on monsters and magic. It’ll grab you from the start and refuse to let go. “Werewolf By Night” follows a night where a group of hunters participate in a hunt to determine who will be getting the MacGuffin in the end. It seems simple and predictable, right? However, the foreshadowing is done tremendously well, and the visual style of black and white is just- perfect. On top of that, Michael Giacchino has fun with the gore and blood making some captivating visual decisions throughout. 

I’m not showing anything here beyond the poster. Above all, it is a must-watch during this Halloween season, so give it a shot! Available on Disney+, “Werewolf By Night” will having you howling for more! 

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