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Meet Michigan-Born Musician Mayer Hawthorne

Soul singer-songwriter Andrew Mayer Cohen, otherwise known by his stage name Mayer Hawthorne, releases the retro single “For All Time.”

Mayer Hawthorne’s Unique Musical Style

Across five full-length albums, Mayer Hawthorne reaches into different musical pockets, from funk to West Coast rock music. He is able to create aesthetics and moods ranging from sensual to somber to lovestruck. On top of that, Hawthorne puts his own twist on the genres he plays with by adding modern production.

He handles his craft with the utmost tender, love, and care. Importantly, the lyrics and instrumentation, for the most part, are done entirely by him. Detailing chronicles of heartache and happiness, Mayer’s music comes directly from the heart, showcasing deep emotions.

“For All Time”

In Hawthorne’s latest single “For All Time” from his forthcoming sixth album, Mayer talks about an everlasting love that transcends seasonal changes. “Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall / I’m gonna love you through them all / Because this love, this love will last,” he sings. 

Comparing their love to a ‘15 Margaux handbag, he sees the relationship lasting for ages. “When you walked through the door / I knew it in an instant that this / Love was meant to be / Ooh, like a ’15 Margaux / No legendary vintagе ever / Tasted quitе so sweet.” 

Additionally, “For All Time” will feature on Mayer’s forthcoming sixth LP. His most recent album Rare Changes arrived in 2020. After scoring a major label contract, the musician saw success in the Top Ten of Billboard’s R&B/hip-hop album chart. His albums How Do You Do (2011), Where Does This Door Go (2013), and Man About Town (2016) secured a spot on the charts. Mayer Hawthorne can truly do it all—produce, play instruments, sing, and write. And so, his journey is only just beginning.

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