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Meet Cub Sport: The Australian Band Going International

After wrapping their 22-date headlining tour, Cub Sport continues to promote "Jesus At The Gay Bar" on its Australian tour leg.

The Brisbane-based indie-pop band Cub Sport is undeniably the next back act from Australia. Since their emergence in the early 2010s, Australian-based Cub Sport has captivated an avid following with their vulnerable yet self-confident output of progressive indie-pop.

Comprising of Tim Nelson, Sam Netterfield, Zoe Davis and Dan Puusaari, the Grammy-nominated self-managed act are renowned renowned for their electrifying live performances, having graced stages at Life Is Beautiful, 2020’s AFL Grand Final, Summer Camp, and more.

Ever since the release of their album, "Jesus At The Gay Bar," indie-pop band Cub Sport's international acclaim skyrocketed.
Cub Sport (Photographer: Diego Campomar)

After releasing their fifth studio album, Jesus At the Gay Bar, they headlined 22 U.S. shows, including Outloud alongside Carly Rae Jepsen. Currently, the band kicks off their Australian tour leg spanning eight dates from August to December. Their first show is August 24 in Newington at Enmore’s Theater. Click here for more dates and ticket information.

Jesus At The Gay Bar Is One Of Cub Sport’s Best Work

Jesus At The Gay Bar is a celebration of one’s past. Its honest nature is inspired by the self-reflective, private healing most people felt during the pandemic. Much like their Mallrat collaboration “Yaya,” its sparky synths highlight its reflective-yet-upbeat production and lyricism. And despite the nostalgia, the four-piece band ultimately generates a curiosity for the future.

“There’s a lot from my life before I came out that has always been shrouded in shame, fear and secrecy. But it doesn’t have to be a secret anymore, and I feel like I can really shine a light on the magic of it and recognize and celebrate it for what it was and is,” says Nelson. “A lot of this album is validating my younger self–like if I could have heard some of these songs back then, I might have found some peace within myself sooner, maybe even celebration.”

The kinetic nature of “Song About It” shows why NME gave Cub Sport a perfect score for their last album, Nirvana. The piano-house rave-fever flare heats up every dancefloor while “Always Got The Love” embodies a muscular groove.

At the heart of the album’s ten-track house and UK garage production is that lush fragility synonymous with Cub Sport. Namely, the ballads “Keep Me Safe” and “Replay” echo youthful ecstasy while recalling Nelson and Netterfield’s secretive romantic beginnings. It provides needed transformation and space to the all-bangers, few-ballads mode of Jesus At The Gay Bar.

Listen to Cub Sport’s latest album, Jesus At The Gay Bar, below. Check out more Releases on Music Daily.
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