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Max Frost Drops New Single “Cool Kids”

Singer-songwriter and producer Max Frost released his new single “Cool Kids,” following up to his comeback track “Head In The Clouds.”

Max Frost Has Started a New Era

Max Frost is back! Just in March, the alternative-pop artist released his first solo single in two years, “Head In The Clouds.” Now, he released its follow-up, making us think that he’s officially starting a new era of music.

Well, guess what…It actually is! These two songs form part of Max’s forthcoming EP Flying Machines, set for release on May 6. We can’t wait to see what else he has been working on!

“Cool Kids” brings us on a time travel experience back to high school. In the song, Max describes trying to fit in and even pretending to be someone you’re not just so the “cool kids” accept you and you get to hang out with them. “’Cause when the cool kids come to take you outside. They smoke in your conversation. And when your dreams all come, you look to the sky. To give you congratulations,” he sings in the chorus.

“Cool Kids” Takes us Back to High School

“‘Cool Kids’ is about sneaking out of your house in high school to hang out with people who will make you cool,” Max says. “It’s about existential angst and fear of the future driving you to numb out and make bad decisions. But it also tries to comfort the character in the song from the future in a way they will never hear.”

It turns out, “Cool Kids” was actually the first song that Max wrote for Flying Machines. In the music video, we can see Max being entirely made of piñata material and desperately trying to fit in with the other kids in his class. He also lives in a piñata-made house, and he built it entirely himself, along with his costume!

Max is playing two exclusive shows this spring. The first one took place on May 7 in Austin, TX, and the second one continues on May 11 in New York, NY. For more information and tickets to the shows, click here.

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