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Magdalena Bay Drops “All You Do”

Tech-savvy and innovative synth-pop group Magdalena Bay just dropped a new single “All You Do,” a soothing preview for their upcoming release on vinyl. 

Rock Roots to Pop ProsMagdalena Bay Drops "All You Do"

High school sweethearts Mica Tenenbaum and Matthew Lewin first started off in a rock band before forming Magdalena Bay in 2016. They released their first single, “Voc Pop” in 2016 and their first EP, “Day/Pop,” in 2019. Their first studio album, “Mercurial World,” was fairly successful, acclaimed as one of the best albums of 2021 by Rolling Stone and Pitchfork, as well as peaking at #59 on Billboard’s Current Album Sales. 


With the two’s long involvement with music, Tenenbaum’s unique singing style, and Lewin’s producing skill, this dynamic duo always pushes the boundaries. Seeking out creativity in their song-making, each song they create has a distinct vibe to them. In an interview with B-Sides talking about Mercurial World, they said: “Pop is just as complex if not more complex than progressive rock music… it’s difficult to make, it’s not simple, even though it might appear on its face more simple than a 20-minute multi-hard epic, there’s still a lot of complexity….Rock music is simple in instrumentation…when you get into electronic and pop music, your pallet expands infinitely, drums don’t have to sound like drums, and that opens up all these possibilities.” 

And Magdalena Bay explores all these possibilities in each release. Although each song is distinctly pop, the sounds in each of their tracks have different modulations and uses of synth. Each song Magdalena Bay creates is wildly complex, featuring deep harmonization and small riffs that perfectly segment with Tenenbaum’s heavily melodic singing. 

The Hypnotizing “All You Do” 

Magdalena Bay plans to re-release a deluxe version of Mercurial World on September 23rd, which contains twice as many songs, including “All You Do.” “All You Do” is another one-of-a-kind gem from Magdalena Bay. Although this is going to be released on “Mercurial World Deluxe,” this song is extremely unlike the rest of the tracks. Featuring a mostly acoustic feel, with prominent bass and string instruments, this song is hardly synth-pop at all. 

Additionally, this song can only be described as mesmerizing. From the constant modulation of keys, Tenenbaum’s inviting voice, and the catchy instrumental, this song captivates its listeners. The lyrics themselves also give off an otherworldly meaning:

“Heard you found

Something like a passion

To keep your feet on the ground

Look around

What if all these people

Were trees growing up through the clouds” 

All in all, Magdalena Bay is definitely a group to keep an eye out for. Click here to check out their awesome website for more information on tours and for the release of “Mercurial World Deluxe!”


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