February 09, 2023



‘Loyal Bros 2’ Compilation Album With Lil Durk & OTF

W lisra: LoA king in the world of rap and hip-hop, Lil Durk and his label OTF continue to put out bangers with their new label compilation album Loyal Bros 2. After just doing a collab with Roddy Ricch on “Twin,” Durk is back with more goated features such as Future, Trippie Redd, and King Von. Let’s check out this heated Loyal Bros 2 album together!

So…What’s A Label Compilation?

If you’re not sure about what a label compilation is, don’t feel bad. Basically, it’s an album compiled by a recording label. This album would feature not one artist’s work, but multiple artists that are all signed onto the recording label. This was a trend mostly for anthology works, where record labels would compile the greatest hits from big artists. Now, Lil Durk is continuing the trend with his self-made label OTF with Loyal Bros 2.

Stacked Features And Tracklist On ‘Loyal Bros 2’

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Durk is back on the dark trap beats that made his work so popular on this new album. Each track he is features on is a headbanger in their own regard, from the steady vocals, to the impeccable Durk flow, and the hard instrumentals.

As aforementioned, Durk has some really strong features on this album. One of the biggest standouts is the second track on Loyal Bros 2, “Mad Max” featuring Future. The grimy and impassioned track will surely shake listeners up. And it’s no secret that Durk also loves his piano instrumentals. Arguably one of the strongest tracks in the album, “Set it Off” almost sets the scene of a boxer getting ready to go into the ring. So, it’s a perfect starter to a banger of an album.

But Durk is not the only artist bringing the heat on Loyal Bros 2. “We Did It” brings together two giants: Bonnie Moe and King Von. It’s a great duo; Bonnie Moe brings the hook, while King Von, of course, brings his clever wordplay and personality. Other notable artists include Trippie Redd and Doodie Lo.

Loyal Bros 2 has 23 songs and featured artists. Each contributor to this stacked album is given a spotlight and had a great chance to shine. Click here to check Lil Durk’s future tours and projects.

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