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Lil Baby Releases Highly Anticipated New Album “It’s Only Me”

Lil Baby releases new album It's Only Me

It’s Only Me 

Grammy-winning Rapstar Lil Baby released his highly anticipated fourth studio album It’s Only Me on Friday. The “Drip Too Hard” rapper’s highly acclaimed 2020 sophomore studio album My Turn, has been certified 4x platinum. Rap fans find his melodic flow, solid lyricism, and catchy hooks enticing. Also, his consistent quality projects have established him as a prominent artist in music today. Although fans enjoyed his most recent collaborative project with Lil Durk, fans have been apprehensively awaiting another solo project from Baby. Finally, the time has come for fans to analyze and digest an array of new tracks from Lil Baby. 

Standout Tracks From It’s Only Me

Undoubtedly, It’s Only Me contains plenty of standout moments,“Cost To Be Alive (feat. Rylo Rodriguez)” being one of them. Baby delivers meaningful bars and motivation rapping on the trap record. “It cost to be alive/I won’t say I’m king of the jungle, but, I survived/Watch the cookies crumble in front of me, at least I tried,” he exclaims. 

“Real Spill” and “Stand On It”

Furthermore, the opening track “Real Spill”, gives high hopes for It’s Only Me. We hear Lil Baby speaking about how his life has changed after reaching mainstream success. Also, he reveals the pressure he faces being a role model and the world watching his every move. The first half of the album establishes Lil Baby as an honorable and heroic figure in his community.“Really done saved some n****s, that’s why they call me the hero/Trappin’ like this shit legal, I’m tryna uplift my people,” he raps on “Stand On It.” 

 “Waterfall Flow” and “Danger”

Despite his high status, he never forgets where he comes from and nothing can knock his hustle. Although coming off braggadocios at times, Lil Baby serves as motivation that you can come from nothing and acquire worldwide success. “I took a little piece and went and maximized it/I took my little fans I had and amplified ’em/This shit don’t come free but you can’t go and buy it,” he raps on “Waterfall Flow.” Lil Baby often references his consistent income, finest women, cars, jewelry etc. The 23 track project however loses inspiration and a clear storyline. Centered around wealth, sex, material things, “It’s Only Me” tends to get boring throughout the lengthy body of work. 

Final Thoughts 

Although there are great moments, It’s Only Me is overpowered by the repetition of topics, flat production, and monotonous flows. The project feels uninspired and colorless, compared to the motivational My Turn filled with back-to-back hits. It does not live up to the hype of the album cover, which depicts Lil Baby’s face on Mount Rushmore four times surrounded by goats. The goats symbolize that he is among the greatest rappers of all time. On this project he doesn’t prove he can be grouped in with other rap legends. 

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