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Lewis OfMan & Carly Rae Jepsen Unite For “Move Me”

Rising artist Lewis OfMan and singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen joined forces for the new funk-pop single “Move Me.”

“Move Me” Will Make You Move

If you’re into classic house music accompanied by a touch of piano, “Move Me” is the song for you. In the track, Lewis and Carly combine their rich vocal melodies perfectly, and make sure that you feel the tune in your body and soul.

“Move Me” marks the first time that the two artists collaborate, but neither of them is a newbie to working with other talented artists. Lewis, on one hand, has joined forces with artists like Milena Leblanc, Alicia te quiero, and Coco & Clair Clair. Carly, on the other hand, had worked with artists like Bleachers, Electric Guest, Owl City, and Justin Bieber. Together, they demonstrate their expertise in music.

How Lewis & Carly Got to Collaborate

“In Sept of 2020 I heard about an artist named Lewis OfMan,” Carly says. “A friend sent me a playlist and I kept pausing at the same track of Lewis’s thinking ‘this is really good.’ The world was upside down so there was extra time to really listen to music and then ask questions like ‘who made this and how can we be friends?’ Lewis has really been the silver lining of my last two years when touring wasn’t possible and travel was just a dream. On top of that, he has one of my favorite male voices. I can’t wait for you to hear our first collaboration after such a long wait.”

“Carly & I met and worked in a really modern way,” Lewis adds. “I received a call from her and I was honored that she liked my music in such a genuine way. Our relationship was Zoom-ed quite fast and we became close friends and these sessions almost felt like a shared diary, where we were sharing our stories. While I was living in Florence I had this special party where I found my heart shaken up by someone, I remember these insane blue eyes, but destiny wasn’t OK for us to pursue each other, we were stuck in our own lives and couldn’t mix them.” 

He adds, “The day after I wrote ‘Move Me’… I was full of passion and dreams and wanted to scream it out to the world. I had a session with Carly the same night, she instantly felt the song and sent me recordings of her beautiful voice and some additional ideas – it just made so much sense to do this duet together, it’s such a beautiful encounter. Now, enjoy this track & we hope it will resonate through your life.”


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They’re Both Touring North America This Fall

If you want to see Lewis and Carly live this year, this is your chance. Lewis embarks on his North American tour this September, while Carly’s tour also kicks off in September and wraps up in November. Check out the full dates and get your tickets! For Lewis’ shows, visit For Carly’s shows, check out

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