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Discover KNOWER and Their New ‘Crash The Car’

KNOWER release their new single “Crash The Car.” Discover the band and their new release with us.

Electronic, Jazz and Funk Music

American independent duo KNOWER is one of the artists you must keep an eye on when considering electronic music. The duo reached fame and are known especially online, where they released and sold their music. Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi in fact started producing their work together in early 2010, a few years after their first encounter in Los Angeles. The group started uploading music on YouTube, first covering Britney Spears’ hit “3,” which went viral quickly. Soon after, the duo dropped their first album, Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi.

The duo started in the electronic genre, but later introduced more instruments in their group, including saxophonists, bassists, and keyboardists and developing a sound that embraces influences from jazz, funk, and soul as well. And it isn’t surprising, especially considering that both Cole and Artadi has a background in the genre, which he studied in California. In particular, their second album Think Thoughts represents the duo embracing their groove and soul with their new electro-funk sound.

On a New Musical Wave

Maintaining their electronic origins, KNOWER maintained their starting and characterising sound in their new hit, “Crash The Car.” However, the single introduces the duo to a new, interesting sound. In fact, the single, with its soulful guitars and slow drums, flows between bluesy chords and abstract lyrics in the typical R&B style.

The single follows their previous release “I’m The President,” which has a funkier and more experimental connotation. The two songs anticipated the publication of the band’s new album, KNOWER FOREVER. The album includes 12 tracks, and the CDs are already available to purchase.

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