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Kim Petras Jumps on ‘TQUM’ with Sofia Reyes and Danna Paola

"TQUM" and its remix come from Reyes' forthcoming album, which is to-be-announced.

Mexican singer-songwriter Sofia Reyes remixes her Danna Paola collaboration track “TQUM” to include pop’s newest princess, Kim Petras. The original song, meaning “Te Quiero Un Montón” was released in May as part of Reyes’ upcoming album. Reyes told Rolling Stone that the single was Petras’ “favorite summer song” before she recorded her own verse.

“I’m still in shock,” Reyes said. “I love Kim. Danna loves Kim. Danna told me she has a huge list of artists she wants to collab with and Kim’s been one of them for years. It’s definitely a dream for us.” In the song’s original music video, Reyes and Paola spice up a nightmarish flight by turning it into a party. There is no visual for the song’s remix featuring Petras– only a lyric video.

Reyes showed Petras love after the Feed The Beast singer posted several stories to her social media using “TQUM.” After a heartfelt DM exchange, Petras walked away with her own feature. “Everything happened really fast, maybe within a week or two,” Reyes said. “Kim came to my studio, and we wrote her section together.”

Petras, who is German-born, learned English by watching Britney Spears interviews. However, learning Spanish was a different beast that Reyes helped her with. “I was basically a Spanish teacher that day, and she was really excited to cut vocals in Spanish, and she killed it,” Reyes said.

Petras is currently preparing for her Feed The Beast world tour starting August 4 in Mountain View, CA. The rising pop star will conquer 34 dates across the globe, which will come to an end on March 5, 2024, in Milan, Italy. Paola is also readying for her first U.S. tour, titled XT4SIS, later this year, with her new album quickly following. 

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