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Kid Cudi Unveils “Star Trek” Collab ‘HEAVEN’S GALAXY’

The first piece of the puzzle in Kid Cudi and Star Trek‘s newly minted partnership, “HEAVEN’S GALAXY” shows how the “Day N’ Nite” rapper fits into the final frontier.

News about the partnership between Kid Cudi and Star Trek has come bit by bit, originally teased with an Instagram clip posted on both the brand’s and the artist’s profiles. Evidently, the decision to team up was a no-brainer for the rapper, saying shortly after the news broke, “I grew up watching Star Trek with my dad who is single-handedly responsible for turning me into a fan.”

Kid Cudi and Star Trek Both Play Equal Parts on “HEAVEN’S GALAXY”

As for the song itself, “HEAVEN’S GALAXY” lives more in the world of a soundtrack piece than a lead single. It begins with two minutes and change of atmospheric synths and strings that provide the backdrop to trademark Cudi hums, no doubt a tone setter that establishes an interstellar vibe. Once the track begins in earnest, Cudi launches into a verse section that’s laden with the same cosmic references—the rapper repeating in the refrain, “these worlds through space and time / I’ll see you, no goodbyes / I got hope and we fly / The sun will always shine.”

Cudi’s in-game render for the ‘Star Trek’ “Mirror Mayhem” event coming to Fortnite later this month. Taken from @kidcudi on Instagram.

For better or for worse, this calls to mind rap singles put together for Madden and 2K soundtracks—brand activations where it seems the artist tries to include as many “on topic” references as physically possible. That said, the effort works well enough. Though we don’t have official word on further plans for the song, the anthemic and uplifting quality of “HEAVEN’S GALAXY” makes it an easy candidate for Star Trek soundtrack use.

Next Steps in the Artist-Brand Collaboration

Outside of this single, the joint venture will spread into a couple other notable directions. First is a Kid Cudi x Star Trek booth at New York Comic Con, where fans will have the opportunity to buy pieces from a streetwear capsule collection, an arena that Cudi is already familiar with. All of the items will launch for sale online October 16th. Then, on the virtual side of things, Cudi, clad in Star Trek gear, will be playable in Fortnite for the “Mirror Mayhem” event later this month, though details outside of his avatar are yet to be released. In the meantime, head to the Star Trek website for more details on the partnership, and a sneak peek at that capsule collection.

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