Joy Oladokun’s “Sorry Isn’t Good Enough” Music Video Debuts

Oladokun has 12.4K subscribers on her YouTube channel where “sorry isn’t good enough” came out. The video surpasses her subscriber count with 36K views and counting.


“sorry isn’t good enough”

Joy Oladokun, Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and musician; has released her music video for her single “sorry isn’t good enough”. Oladokun’s single came out but fans had to wait a few more weeks for the visuals. “sorry isn’t good enough” is one of the few singles Oladokun shared from her upcoming major-label debut album. Earlier this year, she shared two other singles that will be on her album, “jordan” and “wish you the best”. After those songs released; Vogue claimed that “Joy Oladokun is a rare talent who manages to dissect Christianity, queerness, race, and mental wellness; all with a delicate yet determined touch”. Her last album, in defense of my own happiness (the beginnings) arrived in 2020; while being with Amigo Records.


Oladokun Signs Joint Partnership with Amigo Records/Verve Forecast/Republic Records

Singer, songwriter, and musician Joy Oladokun has signed a joint partnership with Amigo Records/Verve Forecast/Republic Records. “sorry isn’t good enough” is Oladokun’s first released single since signing a joint partnership. Independent artists, like Oladokun, have the capability of signing a vast variety of deals- of course; depending on what they are offered. Below are the several different deals that independent artists may be able to sign to:


  • Pressing and Distribution (“P&D”) Deals
  • “Distribution Only” Deals
  • Fulfillment Deals
  • “Piggyback” Deals
  • Production Deals
  • Joint Venture Deals
  • Equity Deals
  • Licensing by Major Labels
  • Licensing to Major Labels
  • “Rights Buyouts”


Oladokun decided on signing a joint partnership. Major labels, such as Republic Records, interest in partnering with successful smaller, indie, genre-focused, labels to maintain their involvement with the constantly changing music environment. These labels share the responsibility of making the records and marketing the promotion. The major label finances the joint venture and then will be reimbursed from the record sales income, where the money is then divided between the labels involved.

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