Joy Oladokun & Noah Kahan on “We’re All Gonna Die”

Photo of Noah Kahan and Joy Oladokun

Joy Oladokun and Noah Kahan team up on the new painfully honest single, “We’re All Gonna Die.”

Second Look Into “Proof of Life”

In anticipation for her new album, “Proof of Life,” Joy Oladokun has released her second single with indie-alternative artist Noah Kahan. When speaking about the album, Oladokun says, “I started making music because I wasn’t hearing from the ‘everyday human being’ on the radio. I hope this resonates with anybody who feels normal and needs a little musical boost to get through the day.”

“Proof of Life” will be yours to stream on April 28th. For now, fans can enjoy the two sneak-peek singles, “Changes” and “We’re All Gonna Die.”

Cover image for Joy Oladokun's Proof of Life album

Joy and Noah Get Nihilistically Joyful

In “We’re All Gonna Die,” Joy and Noah collaborate to create a beautiful song that addresses the dark reality of facing death at some point in our lives. The chorus is complemented with stunning strings and upbeat drums, all the while giving fans catchy lyrics that they’ll find stuck in their heads throughout their day: “We’re all gonna die trying to figure it out / We’re all getting high any way we know how / We’re over our heads, so I’ll say it out loud / We’re all gonna die trying to figure it out”

Joy Oladokun gives insight into the writing process for her new single here:

“When my friends and I started ‘We’re All Gonna Die’ we were most shocked at how nihilistically joyful it is. Death is a dark and difficult subject for most people, including myself. This song is about facing the fear head on and acknowledging that we’re all guessing what the best way to live is. I love that it highlights a sense of humor that both Noah and I have that people may not always pick up on in our music.”

Where to Find Joy This Year

If you are interested in seeing Joy Oladokun live this year, you can find her in a couple places. She will be the opening act for a number of artists, including John Mayer, the Teskey Brothers, and Noah Kahan. You can also find her at music festivals like Boston Calling and Outside Lands. Be sure to follow her on social media to stay up-to-date on her upcoming performances. Also, make sure to mark your calendars for “Proof of Life” on April 28th!

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