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Jonas Brothers Return To Las Vegas In February

Our favorite band of brothers, the Jonas Brothers, announced a new set of dates where they will be performing in Las Vegas as part of their residency contract.

Jonas Brothers las vegas 2023
Jonas Brothers. Photo: Instagram @jonasbrothers

The Jonas Brothers Visit Las Vegas For The Third Time

Here we go again. To kick off the new year right, the Jonas Brothers announced that they will be performing in Las Vegas for three more dates in February: the 17th, 18th, and 19th. If you’re a fan of theirs or just like to stay in the loop of which artists are heading over to Las Vegas for a residency, you might know that this won’t be their first time hosting shows there. In fact, this will be their third time over less than a one-year period. Prior, the opening set of five dates took place in June 2022, followed by another set of three dates in November. And now, we’re getting ready for three more! Man, I wish I lived in Vegas.


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And so, the announcement of the new dates might come as a surprise to many, but not to Jonas Brothers fans. Actually, the band is currently trying to fulfill their 2020 contract with Park MGM- the host venue for their residency. The band was originally set to perform nine dates back in April 2020. But, they had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic becoming stronger back on those dates. Now, with the new set of dates, they will have played a total of 11 shows, so it remains uncertain if that will fulfill the contract. However they might’ve had more dates under their sleeve that they didn’t announce at the time.

An Evening Full Of Surprises

Either way, if you’re planning to go see them live in Las Vegas, now is the perfect time. In the past residencies, the Jonas Brothers have been changing their setlist every night. Fans were excited to hear new songs that they hadn’t played in years. They will keep the surprises going this time, so who knows what songs we’ll get to hear live this time! We can only wait and see!

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