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It Is “Forever Halloween” with Baby Storme

Today's Music Discovery made a killer soundtrack for her favorite holiday, titled 'Forever Halloween.'

Baby Storme is not apologizing for making a music video in a graveyard, not when her killer EP, Forever Halloween, exists. Across six tracks, the only commitment the New York-based artist shows is making “Spooky B*tch Anthem” an everlasting epitaph of dark techno.

Her effortlessly smoky aesthetic rewrites alternative pop archetypes with heavy synths, high BPM and sticky-sweet lyrics. Stream Baby Storme’s Forever Halloween EP here!

“I’ve always related a lot with the darker side of things,” she told PAPER Magazine. “I just go with it better.” From growing up in a choir, her once years-long affair with silver-colored hair, and past obsession for flash mobs, Storme got the fame bug with “This City is A Graveyard” going viral on TikTok.

The smolder-y track is the angsty kid sister to Michael Jackson’s 1981 classic “Thriller.” She tries on the too-big shoes of Jackson’s high-powered vocals and fills the space with ominous glimmer—and it works. Or maybe it’s creating “the first ever black alt mob in history” that makes her spooky music revolutionary and alive.

Likewise, Storme has been vocal about her music’s final destination, seeing more dark-skinned faces in mainstream alternative. That might be a reality with her electrifying focus track, “Sunglasses At Night,” which would be considered vampire smut complete with nightmarish sexy club beats if not for its soul-bearing lyrics.

The accompanying music video, directed by Pavel Kildau, features Storme prowling the neon city streets at night. The dance break sees flirty steps from Storme, flexing both her toned abs and skin-tight leather attire. Watch the music video below.

In other news, emo-pop artist AViVA recently dropped HATE 2 LUV U.

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