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ISOxo and Knock2 Drop New Track ‘SMACK TALK’

On June 28th, EDM trap duo Knock2 and ISOxo released their new hit track, “SMACK TALK," under the name ISOKNOCK.
ISOxo and Knock2 | Credit: SoundCloud

On June 28th, EDM duo Knock2 and ISOxo released their new hit track, “SMACK TALK,” under the name ISOKNOCK. With a merciless trap melody, this track also makes a statement with its hard lyrics. Almost a middle finger to life’s expectations. While hardening back to any classical festival trap vibe, all combined with ISOxo’s metallic snares, Knock2’s pulsating baselines and RL Grime’s atmospheric builds. The track debuted at Coachella back in April. It already has more than 1,000 streams on Spotify and other streaming platforms alike. This marks it as a popular summer hit with fans everywhere. 

After meeting at the San Diego County Fair as teenagers performing on the same stage, these San Diego natives had an immediate connection. A connection for their desire to not only perform, but also to shake up the foundations of dance music. Fast forward to years later, this duo has played at major international music festivals. They’ve collaborated with trap icons such as Skrillex and RL Grime himself.Tthey started out as SoundCloud music guests, and have since played sold-out shows at the Shrine Auditorium, Seattle’s Wamu Theatre and Brooklyn’s Under the Kay Bridge. 

With the two also being individual artists, they’ve almost changed the EDM industry through their punk-rock attitudes, dramatic visual flairs and controlled chaos. Putting everything together, they make their own unique sound of music. “SMACK TALK” is almost a passing of the torch for what has been years in the making. A pioneering formula for revolutionizing a new age of dance music the world has yet to see. 

As Knock2 is preparing to release his own debut album, there is no question about what this duo has in store next. Especially, with their own goals to revolutionize their music into something none of their fans are expecting to see.

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