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Listen to Charlotte Cardin’s Anti-Party Anthem ‘Confetti’

Canadian-based artist Charlotte Cardin has created the perfect anti-party, party anthem in her new track “Confetti.” With sultry vocals over a poppy dance beat, “Confetti” explores the relationship between being stuck in the limelight despite longing for solitude.

Rising From the Ashes

Charlotte Cardin

Charlotte Cardin’s last release was back in 2021 with her debut album, Phoenix. “Confetti” is an exciting reveal into more music from the Montreal artist after her long, two-year break. In 2022, Charlotte swept the Juno awards, picking up accolades such as Artist and Album of the Year, as well as going certified platinum in Canada. You might’ve caught wind of Charlotte playing music festivals like Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits, and Lollapalooza. Or you may even recognize one of her track’s from a Netflix original television series. “Sex to Me” was played in an episode of Sex/Life, directing even more attention to the already critically acclaimed artist.

With such success right out of the gate, it’s been a waiting game until Charlotte was ready to release more music. And the time has finally come.

Cover photo for Charlotte Cardin's single, Confetti

Insight into “99 Nights”

In a press release before the track’s release, Charlotte Cardin gives background on the process behind creating “Confetti:”

“Confetti’ is an ode to introverts. I had the realization that at every single party I had ever been to, I would lock myself in the bathroom at some point and try to compose myself and gather my thoughts. And when I became aware of that, I thought ‘okay, I should write a song about this.’ It’s a party track for people who hate actually being at the party.”

“Confetti” is a conglomerate of beautiful vocals paired with just enough techno beat layered in between. Its upbeat tempo contrasts with the solemn lyrics, creating an addicting track that we can’t help but keep on repeat. Her voice breathes life into the song, starting off conversational before feeding into the chorus. “I feel like a zombie, I’ll die at the party / Yeah, you’ll find my body fully covered in confetti.”

The second verse dives into the internal dilemma Cardin experiences when propelled into the spotlight:

“Find me in the club looking golden / I know everyone, I got no friends / I always wanna stay, wanna go, wanna stay, wanna go / I don’t know”

On one hand, Charlotte acknowledges the life of a celebrity and even relishes in it, until her thoughts begin running wild. The internal conflict arises when she realizes she is kept under a watchful eye, despite wanting to act in her own best interests. “Confetti” is an alluring confessional disguised as a dance track. It’s quite the sneak peek into Charlotte Cardin’s sophomore album, which we can expect to see in August.

Check out the official lyric video for “Confetti” below.

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