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Alternative band I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME, also known as iDKHOW, have just released their newest album, GLOOM DIVISION. The long-awaited album arrives in the form of 12 tracks all spanning only 39 minutes long.

With pre-release singles “WHAT LOVE?” and “GLOOMTOWN BRATS,” the album release preparations, as well as the news of Ryan Seaman’s departure from the band, suggested that fans could expect a different sound from the alt-rock group. It’s clear that, with GLOOM DIVISION, Dallon Weekes, iDKHOW frontman, does just that. The tracks on the album all have that alternative sound to them, but they venture more into soft rock, yacht rock and adult contemporary aspects. Even with the more alt-rock tracks like “SPKOTHDVL” and “SATANIC PANIC,” there are moments where things take unexpected or unconventional turns.

In an interview with Rock Sound, Weekes mentions how he wanted to make an “intentional step” toward creating music that had noticeable influences from the ‘70s.

“When the last record came out, I kept hearing 80s all the time,” Weekes said. “Nothing against that particular era but I hadn’t thought that I was really living in that space when I was making ‘Razzmatazz’. Because music from the 70s, all that stuff that you’re talking about, was much more of an influence to me. With the new music, I wanted to take more of an intentional step towards the things that I like – Sparks and Elvis Costello and also a little bit more of the music that I was listening to when I was a teenager, and in my early 20s. Ben Folds Five, Phantom Planet and The White Stripes.”

Let us know what you think of iDKHOW’s new album, GLOOM DIVISION.

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