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HARBOUR’s Journey Through Stardom in “To Chase My Dreams, or to Just Lie Down?”

Cover art for HARBOUR's album, To Chase My Dreams, or to Just Lie Down?

Ohio-based indie-rock band, HARBOUR, has created a beautiful record in “To Chase My Dreams, or to Just Lie Down?” that will withstand the test of time.

Composed of lead singer Ryan Green, guitarist Jarett Lewis, drummer Ryan Sulken, bass player Walker Atkinson, and guitarist Devon Turner, HARBOUR is what I would deem a diamond in the rough in the current alt indie scene. With songs like “Float” and “Get You High,” the band has a talent for releasing hit after hit, if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon them.

“To Chase My Dreams, or to Just Lie Down?” is a banger of an album, from start to finish. Consisting of 10 songs, HARBOUR explores the theme of navigating the music industry and finding the perfect work/play balance. The cover art aligns well with the theme of the album. Musically, an explosive world of oranges and pinks. Lyrically, a reality of feeling blue.”To Chase My Dreams” maintains a groovy vibe littered throughout, with heavier lyrics creating a stark contrast with the melodies.

“To Chase My Dreams, or to Just Lie Down?” Sounds Like An Indie-Rock Record of the Year

HARBOUR made very intentional choices with this album, down to the name of the record. “To Chase My Dreams, or to Just Lie Down?” is the very theme that is explored throughout. Beginning with the guitar-filled ‘Sleepyhead,’ HARBOUR sets the scene for the carefree sound that you’ll find yourself subconsciously bobbing your head to. But the record is more than just pretty sounds. Songs like ‘Bahamas’ and ‘Thorn’ outline the difficulties of traversing through stardom whilst staying true to yourself. Ryan Green’s vocals particularly shine in ‘Thorn,’ where he confesses that he’s struggling to breathe in the world of fame. He follows it up with ‘Fish Tank,’ a song that includes the album name in a silver-lining monologue:

I’ll be alright / A little unwell since I came unwound / Contemplate life / To chase my dreams, or to just lie down?”

Chorus for ‘Fish Tank’

My personal favorite in “To Chase My Dreams” would have to be ‘Swimming in My Head’. The song rides off the waves created in ‘Fish Tank,’ boasting a catchy chorus between energetic melodies. It’s a great display of the individual strengths of each member in the HARBOUR. Between Green’s vocals and Atkinson on the bass, ‘Swimming in My Head’ is a standout hit in the record. To wrap it all up, ‘Too Close’ closes off the album with a sense of fullness that feeds back to the beginning of the album. It’s a short track that mimics a bittersweet goodbye. It has enough energy to ride off the high from the previous tracks, before crashing and receding like waves on a beach.

What’s Next for HARBOUR?

Though it’s not confirmed yet, a new record may mean a new tour. If/when the news releases, be sure to check back here for all the details! Until then, you can stream “To Chase My Dreams, or to Just Lie Down?” down below. Let us know what your favorite track is in the comments!

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