Genesis Owusu’s “STRUGGLER” Bites Back

A New Perspective

STRUGGLER is many things — a surreal story, a concept album, and even a moving metaphor. But in a single word, STRUGGLER is visceral. Rising Aussie artist Genesis Owusu’s sophomore album is gut-wrenchingly intense in all the right ways, exploring the chaos of existence through pounding beats and even punchier lyrics.

STRUGGLER is highly conceptual, taking on the perspective of a roach to explore nihilism, existentialism, and absurdism. The album opens with a foreboding, low synthesizer loop that gives way to explosive vocals on “Leaving the Light.” Even though the album is centered around the roach character, the song tackles very human feelings of unease and dissatisfaction with the world around us.

Put my hand up on my heart, I beat my chest
The chaos moving down and down, seep in my flesh
The obstacles won’t block my path, I see the test
They can try and swat me down, boy, I’m the pest

Genesis Owusu, “Leaving the Light”

Chaos and Catharsis

Tracks like “The Roach” and “The Old Man” explore the terror of an uphill existential battle against the unknown. Each song tells a chapter of the roach’s story, leading the listener through the struggles of feeling trapped like “a bug in the cog of a grey-walled cancer.” With each song, Genesis Owusu unfolds the roach’s inner and outer struggles. He toys with different perspectives along the way, using chilling guitar licks and pulsing beats as a backdrop.

“Stay Blessed” embodies a catharsis born from chaos. This electrifying, empowering energy is tangible, not only in the song’s booming, triumphant sound, but also through its high-energy music video.

More Than an Album

In an interview with Apple Music, the Australian musician highlights that “Stay Blessed” represents a shift in STRUGGLER, leading the album towards a conclusion that isn’t necessarily happy or sad — it simply just is.

“We’ve come this far in the journey, and we’ve grown so much that maybe that’s the gift itself. Maybe the fact that the sun rises and falls every day, and we get to see that from this magical distance where it’s this giant ball of fire. It’s far away enough where we get to feel its warmth, but it doesn’t burn us to death. And we get to hug our friends every day, see cute little birds flying through the sky. It’s such a one-in-a-billion chance that this has all happened and we get to experience it.”

Genesis Owusu on “Stay Blessed” for Apple Music

With moments like these, STRUGGLER goes beyond being just an album. It asks questions without answers and reminds us that “the world is at your toes.”

Genesis Owusu’s latest work is nothing short of creative genius, filled with surprises and rich details. STRUGGLER is sure to make waves and light a fire in the belly of anyone who listens, whether it be from the studio or on stage. On Paramore’s This Is Why tour, Genesis Owusu opened with a mesmerizing fusion of grace and angst. His unforgettable opening performance was just a sliver of his upcoming tour in the U.S., Europe, and Australia.

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