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Gatlin Heals From Heartbreak in “2000 Miles (feat. Stephen Sanchez)”

What If I Love You Gatlin


Gatlin Bio

The singer-songwriter Gatlin found success on Tiktok after her song “What If I Love You” went viral in March 2021. The 22- year-old singer grew up in Orlando, and went to a university in Nashville for a few years. Gatlin soon decided she wanted to be a full time artist. In the early stages of her career,  she enjoyed creating Christian contemporary and country music. Her music is a unique mixture of calming alt-folk sounds with dreamy pop. Although, she still embraces her contemporary and country roots.

2000 Miles By Gatlin

Gatlin’s newest release is the record “2000 Miles” featuring Stephen Sanchez. Stephen Sanchez is only 18 years old and has a whopping 16 million monthly listeners on Spotify. He has a passion for songwriting and singing and blew up on Tiktok like Gatlin. Sanchez and Gatlins voice flawlessly intertwine with one another.

“2000 Miles” is about finding the light after a toxic relationship and heartbreak. Gatlin writes a new chapter in her book, traveling to a new city and she feels alive again. She realizes how much she gave to her partner, and what she lost.

“I took the best of me
And lost thе rest while out on the road”

She put her everything into this person, but in the end she lost herself. Her world becomes dark because she lost all the colorful aspects of herself.

But, she’s now finding herself again in a new place and feels content alone.

“Drove 2000 miles
And when the sun hit me
Didn’t mind you weren’t with me
It kinda made me happy”

She releases this person and finds comfort and happiness in her own company. Sometimes when you change your scenery, it changes your perspective. It allows you to reflect, and come to peace with circumstances. She’s excited about this new era in her life.

The Success of “What If I Love You”

In the beginning of 2021, Gatlin began to promote her music on the popular social media app TikTok. People made comparisons to Taylor Swift in her comments and related to her lyrics. Anticipation grew as she danced to her track “What If I Love You” in a video on the platform. The track eventually dropped in April and now she has amassed a following of 16,000 on Tiktok. Gatlin is a member of the indie band Sadie Hawkins. Gatlin released her debut EP “Sugarcoated” in 2020 which included “2000 Miles.”

In her viral hit “What If I Love You” Gatlins sings about holding onto someone even long after a breakup. Everything still reminds her of them and she still isn’t healed from the relationship after all this time. She secretly wishes to run into them and looks for their car. The relatability and catchy melody of this song caught many ears. Her fans could relate to missing a person and looking for them everywhere they go.

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