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Fonseca To Close Billboard Latin Music Week Today at Miami’s Oasis Wynwood

Fonseca is finishing off Billboard’s Latin Music Week En Vivo Series tonight at Oasis Wynwood in Miami, FL.

The End of Billboard Latin Music Week

“Sponsored by Michelob ULTRA, the Colombian singer will close the week of En Vivo shows with a captivating performance at Oasis Wynwood.”

So says Tixr, the ticket distributor for Billboard’s Latin Music Week. Colombian singer Fonseca is closing out the 30th anniversary of Billboard hosting Latin Music Week.

Throughout this past week, Latin artists have been gracing Miami with their performances. Nathy Peluso and Young Miko lit up the stages on both Wednesday and Thursday.

Aside from performances, this week always welcomed discussions with Latin artists. Fans were able to hear from Feid, Grupo Frontera, Ivy Queen, Nicky Jam and more—and that was only on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Shakira, Fonseca, Myke Towers and many others joined in on the talks with their fans.

Yesterday night, the Billboard Latin Music Awards were broadcasted live on Universo and Telemundo for all those watching stateside.  For the South American and Caribbean viewers, the award show was available on Telemundo Internacional. The awards were also streamed live on the Peacock and Telemundo apps.

Tonight, Fonseca will be joined by special guest Beatriz Luengo for the En Vivo concert. Additionally, Myke Towers will be performing at the Cheetos Block Party with special guest Polimá Westcoast.

Fonseca and His New Music

fonseca and juan luis guerra “Si Tú Me Quieres"

In an interview with Billboard, Fonseca spoke about the single, “Si Tú Me Quieres.” The song is from his upcoming album and was a collaboration with Juan Luis Guerra. “Singing alongside maestro Juan Luis Guerra is something that I had always dreamed of. I grew up with his music; his songs were part of my first loves, of my first parties. Not only has his music been a huge influence on me, but his way of leading his career. It has always struck me that Juan Luis’ career has been built 100% from his music. That is his way of being present, current, and I can relate a lot with that.”

Fonseca also spoke about his upcoming album. “I’m very happy with the songwriting process. Somehow, I feel that I am returning to that sound with which I started my career, and I like that. Although it’s a work in progress, I feel that the sound is very organic, very ‘woody.’ “Si Tú Me Quieres” is undoubtedly a sample of what I want it to taste like.”

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