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Flipturn Releases Singles “Brooklyn Baby” and “Halfway”

Indie-rock band Flipturn surprises fans with the emotional and nostalgic singles “Brooklyn Baby” and “Halfway.”

Indie-rock band Flipturn surprises fans with the emotional and nostalgic singles "Brooklyn Baby" and "Halfway."
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MD Profile: Flipturn

The indie rock band started in 2015 when they grew out of their practice space in a Fernandina Beach garage. The group is of four high school friends: Dillon Basse (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Tristan Duncan (lead guitar), Madeline Jarman (bass), Mitch Fountain (synth), and Devon VonBalson (drums). Originally, they were playing shows out of Philadephia for some two dozen people; however, upon returning, they found at least a hundred people show up, to which Basse said, ” It’s great how that works. It’s cool to see that growth. We’re hitting those markets, and people are remembering us.

As mentioned on their webpage biography, “[…]the band is walking proof that the DIY approach is still alive and well in the modern music world. Growing up and maturing as musicians in a way that can only be done by spending years on the road together[…].”

On their most streamed track, “August,” the band reminisces on a long lost lover and a month full of good times. Vocalist Basse shifts between soft whispers to belts with heavy twang and charisma; his carefree spirit and vocal versatility is similar to Led Zepplin’s Robert Plant (minus the crazy range). Although the track is light and whimsical, it vibes with synths and guitars, with heavy drums on the chorus. The song is a journey, and a good one at that!

With over 40 million streams on Spotify, sold out shows across the US,  tours with Mt. Joy and Rainbow Kitten Surprise, and festival performances with Bonnaroo, SXSW, Hangout, Lollapolooza, (etc.,), Flipturn isn’t letting up. After a long string of EPs, fans can look forward to their  upcoming debut album in 2022.

“Brooklyn Baby” and “Halfway” by Flipturn

The band recently put out two emotionally vulnerable singles, “Brooklyn Baby” and “Halfway.” And aside from the great production and storytelling, it is unclear if they are cuts from their debut album. (Yes, “Playground,” released earlier this year, is their official lead single, but there isn’t much information behind this new double-release.)

“Brooklyn Baby” is a colorful, bright full track full of yearning and misplaced hope. The drums are a guiding force behind his despair and push him forward. The electric guitar and synths are exciting elements that make Basse’s adlibs and high notes piercing and prominent. On the  chorus, he sings, “Ooh, Brooklyn baby / I’m a fool / Thinking you could save me / Now I don’t care/ If you love or hate me.” Towards the end, it’s full of echoes and blurry ahhs, as if the memory and him are fading away.

“Halfway” is a bluesy, a jazzy rock confessional of not being able to let go all the way. Although the track starts out as a soft rock track, the addition of synths and fuller drums gives more soul and vulnerability. The electric guitar jives in the background, giving the track an edge as Basse pushes his vocals forward into a crying plea. The lead vocalist’s voice changes so brilliantly in this track– it practically shines! From simple spoken word and belts, to topping out his range in full on vibrato, he becomes one with the production.

On the chorus, Basse is halfway to Houston but cannot shake the memories. He sings, “I still taste your hair / And I did not love you / And I’m well aware / Maybe I used you / But I was almost there.” It’s vulnerable, but real; sometimes, we aren’t ready but cannot admit it.

What do you think of Flipturn’s recent releases “Brooklyn Baby” and “Halfway?” Let us know in the comments!
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