There’s Some Serious “Spalarkle” to Felicita’s Latest Drop

London-based artist felicita is one of the most interesting artists around. With incredible creativity and no boundaries to the exploration of music and all the possible sounds, the artist walked over the lines of futuristic pop, almost creating a genre for herself.

In today’s Music Discovery, we’re happy to introduce you to the amazing felicita. Discover with us her career and her new release, third studio album Spalarkle.


The album saw the light of day on May 5th. It’s the latest release after the previous hej! (2018) and Frenemies (2014). The album portrays felicita’s growth in her music. Embracing new genres, the album is open to different influences, making it a multifaceted record.

With almost 30k monthly listeners and millions of streams, the artist is growing quickly. Since the release of her latest album, hej!, the artist improved not only in numbers, but also in the sense of her experimentalism. Involving different – almost opposite – sound choices, she was able to create an enigmatic and intriguing juice of originality and creativity.

In an interview with PAPER, felicita discussed the atmosphere around the album and in general her music. In a surreal analogy, in line with felicita’s original style, the music was compared to bedrooms. Asking to mention what the ambience and vibes of the album feel like, the singer said:

“A queen size bed in the form of a 16th century alchemical laboratory; a tulip-shaped staircase leading up to a hovering ocean; raspberry flowers with smiling faces, their tongues drooling lip gloss.”

And after listening to the entirety of the album, this abstract answer actually makes some sense. From the choice of using waves in the background to the pop futuristic sounds, the album is a captivating and symbolic mash-up of experimental and original lines. Mixing sounds from multiple fields and unexpected choices of production, Spalarkle results in a masterpiece of innovative, radical, and new music production.

The single arrives in collaboration with American indie pop star Caroline Polachek and British indie/elettro pop band Kero Kero Bonito.

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