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Featured Artist: Swimming Paul Is Just Getting Started

"Keep an eye out for more music and collaborations coming your way!" the enigmatic producer foreshadows.

Not even a year since his debut single, “Your Song,” and French producer Swimming Paul is already receiving heavy playlisting and praise from indie publications. Whether you see his endless Instagram stories mixing production or receiving a shoutout from BBC1 Introducing’s Jess Iszatt, the elusive Paul is destined for big things. And he’s just getting started.

After coming across Paul’s song “2special” on Spotify’s “planet rave” playlist, I couldn’t resist messaging the producer. I picked his brain over his brilliant trance-like music, dishing about his past six singles, and talked about his musical musings. Despite being on the come-up, Paul is more down-to-earth than ever, and it was a joy learning more about the new music underway.

Check out my conversation with Swimming Paul below. Check out his music here.

Andres Fabris: Hi, Swimming Paul! Before getting to the interview questions, let’s start with some icebreakers. Can you tell me about your stage name? Is it just some silly play-on words or is there a significance? 

Swimming Paul: Sure. My stage name, Swimming Paul, actually holds a special significance for me. It’s not just a playful play-on words. Swimming has always been a metaphor in my life for diving into the deep, exploring uncharted waters, and taking risks.

AF: What have you been up to lately? Anything in the world catching your interest?

SP: Lately, I’ve been deeply immersed in my music production work, experimenting with various soundscapes and musical elements. One of my sources of inspiration has been diving into the world of old-school rave tracks. There’s something truly magical about those nostalgic beats and melodies that still resonate today. Listening to them has sparked fresh ideas and allowed me to infuse a bit of that timeless energy into my own music. It’s incredible how music from the past can continue to shape and influence the sounds of the present.

AF: Ok, let’s start with some light conversational topics. I saw you got a shoutout on BBC1 Introducing– Congratulations! How did it feel hearing Jess’s warm welcome and “Ring The Alarm” on the radio?

SP: Thank you! Hearing Jess’s warm welcome and “Ring The Alarm” playing on BBC1 Introducing was an incredible moment. It felt like a validation of the hard work and dedication I’ve put into my music. Jess’s support and the exposure it brought were truly heartwarming and motivating.

AF: Your songs receive heavy playlisting, including “2special,” which is how I came across your talent. What does it mean to have so many people noticing you?

SP: It’s an incredible feeling to have so many people notice and appreciate my music. It’s a testament to the power of music to connect with people on a deep, emotional level. Knowing that my songs resonate with listeners and evoke emotions in them is the ultimate reward for me as an artist.

Not even a year since his debut single, "Your Song," and French producer Swimming Paul is already receiving heavy playlisting and praise from indie publications. Whether you see his endless Instagram stories mixing production or receiving a shoutout from BBC1 Introducing's Jess Iszatt, the elusive Paul is destined for big things. And he's just getting started.
Swimming Paul (Press)
AF: How was the music scene in France while growing up? Do you remember “that” moment when you realized music was your calling?

SP: Growing up in France, I was exposed to a rich and diverse music scene. There wasn’t one specific moment when I realized music was my calling; it was more of a gradual process. However, I do remember being deeply moved by Daft’s Alive 2007 album. That album ignited my passion for creating music and performing.

AF: When you create music, do you go in expecting to make a smash hit? What necessarily goes into your production process?

SP: I don’t go into the music creation process expecting to make a smash hit. Instead, I focus on expressing my emotions and ideas authentically. My production process is driven by a desire to convey a particular mood or message, experimenting with sounds and melodies until I achieve the desired emotional resonance.

AF: Walk me through a day in your life. When you wake up, what is the first thing you do?

SP: When I wake up, the first thing I do is grab my phone and jot down any creative ideas or thoughts that may have come to me during the night. Then, I like to start my day with a walk to clear my mind and get inspired. The rest of the day is usually filled with studio time, songwriting, and collaborating with singers or musicians.

AF: Lots of indie publications applauded your production and lyrical mastery on “Fading.” What does this song mean to you? Which song of yours deserves that same spotlight moment?

SP: “Fading” is a deeply personal song for me. It reflects a period of self-discovery and transformation in my life. It’s gratifying to see that indie publications have recognized the production and lyrical depth of the song. As for other songs deserving the spotlight, I believe “Fknow It” and “Your Song” also hold significant moments and messages that resonate with listeners.

AF: You just released your debut single, “Your Song,” in March. Have you thought about your 5-year goal or plan?

SP: As for my 5-year goal, I envision continuing to evolve as an artist, pushing creative boundaries, and exploring new musical horizons. I aim to release a full-length album and embark on a world tour to connect with people globally while continuing to collaborate with friends or artists I love.

AF: You have been releasing a string of singles since early 2023. Do you have any projects (or more singles) in the works? What can you tell us?

SP: Yes, I do have exciting projects in the works. I’ll be releasing a series of singles that will lead up to my debut album, which is a project I’m incredibly passionate about. Each single will offer a glimpse into different facets of my musical journey and personal growth, creating a cohesive and immersive experience for my listeners. Keep an eye out for more music and collaborations coming your way!

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