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Explore Femininity with Etta Marcus On “Nosebleed”

Music Discovery and indie Londoner Etta Marcus goes full dark mode on “Nosebleed.” The track is a dreamy, subconscious world full of feminine energy. “Nosebleed” is the first taste of her new EP, Heart-Shaped Bruise, releasing on November 4th via Polydor.

Music Discovery and indie Londoner, Etta Marcus, goes full dark mode on "Nosebleed", a dreamy, subconscious world full of feminine energy. "Nosebleed" is the first taste of her new EP, Heart-Shaped Bruise, releasing on November 4 via Polydor.
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“Nosebleed” By Etta Marcus

In the latest single “Nosebleed,” Etta Marcus explores a dark and feminine metaphysical world. The music video has the London singer immersed in black bath water, symbolizing her unclean subconscious. Thanks to the clever usage of light, shadow, and water, director Jesse May Fisher makes this experience elemental and psychological.

In addition, Marcus details the Heart-Shaped Bruise experience in a statement.“There’s a gritty, unfiltered, and unhinged quality to Heart-Shaped Bruise. I wanted to capture an honesty in this body of work that included the more brutal side of things that we usually keep hidden away and feel embarrassed about. I like having arcs throughout my writing and piecing songs together to create a narrative that captures a specific time in my life.”

Artist Profile

London native Etta Marcus is 20 years old and an immensely talented jazz-adjacent singer-songwriter. Furthermore, she bears a more fitting sonic profile than her try-hard contemporary “girl in red”. Her roundabout yet pointed lyricism extracts a particular mood and vision, making the melodies linger long after the song.

In a statement, Etta Marcus explains her impressively mature debut single as years in the making. “The idea behind ‘Hide And Seek’ came from a weird fear I had when I was younger, which was not being found or forgotten about when hiding in a game of hide and seek. I was such a good hider that it did happen a few times.”

The single is from her January debut EP,  View From The Bridge, which paints a confession across five songs. “It was important for me that there was a common thread that held them [the tracks] all together. Although it seems like quite a sonically and emotionally heavy world, there is a desire to strive for something better, a search for hope that flows throughout.”

What do you think of our Music Discovery, Etta Marcus, and her new single, “Nosebleed”? Let us know in the comments!

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