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Ellie Goulding Drops New Single “Like A Saviour”

Ellie Goulding, the pop icon and the creator of the Platinum-certified “Lights” and “Love Me Like You Do,” just dropped a new single: “Like A Saviour.” A song full about love and lifting someone up, this song is perfect for the post-pandemic times. Let’s check out this new song together! 

“Like A Saviour” Is Another Classic

“Like A Saviour” is following numerous other bangers Goulding released last year, such as “Let It Die,” “All By Myself,” and “Easy Lover.” Yet, this song is a transition point for Goulding, as it was the first song she wrote during the awkward transition out of lockdown.

Ellie Goulding just dropped a new single: “Like A Saviour.” A song full about lifting someone up, this song is perfect for the post-pandemic.
Ellie Goulding. Photographed By- Madison Phipps

“We made ‘Like A Saviour’ as we were coming out of lockdown. Wanted to make something from an outta space dance floor totally devoid of reality and full of love and lust,” Goulding said on Instagram. “Had so much fun and relief from the monotony and weirdness of being locked away. Wrote it with @tommanninsta @andrewwells_ @antmundo love you guys x”

The song is a surreal bop, featuring the classic electronic pop sound that Goulding became a legend for. Speaking of love and thankfulness, Ellie Goulding sings of devotion in her powerful lyrics:

“Spinnin’ in your starlight / You got the power to ease my mind / You’re leadin’ me out of the dark / Like a saviour /Shinin’ in my soul, oh-woah, oh-woah,” Goulding sings in “Like A Saviour.”

Accompanying the song, Goulding released an incredibly well directed and unforgettable music video. Taking place in a desert, she has said is one of her favorite videos ever filmed. The “Like A Saviour” video is incredibly scenic and atmospheric, giving off an indescribable feeling of longing and hopefulness. 

New Projects

Regarding new projects, Goulding has had mixed news. She had to delay her new album, High Than Heaven to March. Yet, this bad news isn’t all so bad. The reason why Goulding postponed it was to take on new opportunities, which will be awesome to see pay off! 

“To my incredible fans- I’m sorry to announce that we’re delaying the release of Higher Than Heaven to March 24. I know you’ve all been so patient with me but we’ve had some exciting opportunities appear behind the scenes which I cannot wait to share with you in due course.”

So, Ellie Goulding’s release of “Like A Saviour” has been a great blessing for fans, who have been waiting for big Goulding releases since the lockdown. 

“Thank you all so much for sticking by me. I can’t wait to finally share this record with you all on March 24 and I hope you love it as much as I do.

Sending you love & warmth as always,

Ellie x”

Check out Goulding’s new projects by clicking here!

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