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EDEN Finds Love Is A Choice in “sci-fi”

The hype for the latest project from immense talent EDEN keeps building! The latest single to show off what awaits us in “In Case You Missed It” is the incredibly bouncy “sci-fi”. You can find the video below. Let’s get into it! 



Love Is A Choice: 

Starting with dialogue from a film is a staple of EDEN, and this track is no different. In fact it pretty much sets the tone for the lyrics. 

“I want to go.” 

It can be seen as a blatant expression of discomfort. Maybe the relationship didn’t pan out and that’s the last thing she said. Or maybe, it also applies to him trying to go back to how things were before it got all messed up! It wouldn’t be difficult to believe considering that EDEN has made a career out of genuine vulnerability and the feeling of longing. So lyrically, it’s a great one; with a whole lot of wonderful descriptive and creative lines! 

An interesting thing brought up is that “Love’s not a feeling, it’s a choice.” From a certain perspective, that’s exactly true. You choose whether you love someone or not. You choose how you do it, and to bank off of the phrase “I love you” without properly demonstrating it is simply not sincere. 

Musically, it’s bombastic and fun! I haven’t heard anything from EDEN with this specific level of up and down to the beat. I’m all for it! Hopefully you are too! “In Case You Missed It” is expected to be released on September 9th, so keep an eye out for it!

Watch for a feature profile on EDEN tomorrow that covers the arc of their development.For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections.  

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