Ed Sheeran and Elton John’s Long-awaited “Merry Christmas”

Elton JohnEd Sheeran & Elton John have reunited for their holiday single Merry Christmas
The song, announced on October, 6th in an interview on the Dutch morning radio program Jan-Willem Start Op, has immediately received the approval of fans of all ages of the duo. It is, in fact, a very catchy, positive and happy festive song that collects the main characteristics of both the two artists. Although very different, both members of the duo were able to insert part of themselves into the song.

Ed SheeranAnd the record did not take long to hit big: the song in fact arrived in first position in the U.K. Chart, “giv[ing] Sheeran his 12th U.K. No. 1 third this year, and Elton’s ninth leader, and second in 2021”, Billboard says. Moreover, the song is currently rocking in the Top- 50 Global chart on Spotify.

Merry Christmas Music Video

Along with the song, the two singers, song-writers and musicians also released an official music video. Within this video, Sheeran and John jokes about what are the main holiday cliches. Among these are sleighs, rooms decorated in red and green with a fireplace in the background, snowmen and mistletoes. In addition, the video also refers to the story told in the book by Charles Dickens and then resumed in form of musical, film and cartoon “A Christmas Carol”.

The duo also admit to have a lot of fun recording both the song and the video. This can also be seen in the Official Behind The Scene released soon after the official song.

Ed Sheeran and Elton John also released an official lyrics video for the song. In this video, animated images of a Christmas-decorated house are the background of Sheeran and John’s cartoons. Holiday decorations, red Christmas presents, candy canes, pine trees, cups of hot chocolate and lights complete the festive sequences.

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