Dvsn and Ty Dolla $ign Honor Mac Miller on “I Believed It”

A Collaboration for the Ages

Ty Dolla $ign and dvsn are well-known forces in the rap and hip hop industry. Their latest collaboration, which features a verse from the late Mac Miller, released this week. The single precedes a joint album from the creatives, which is set to be released sometime late this year on OVO Sound. The single has garnered attention from R&B and rap fans alike. It features two prominent voices in the R&B industry and the legendary Mac Miller – a recipe for success.

Ty Dolla $ign and Dvsn Sing of Heartbreak

The track is derived from a sample of The Continental Four’s “(You’re Living In) A Dream World”. It builds around heartbreak and angst, befitting the inclusion of Mac Miller’s verse. “I Believed It” features a soulful hook from Ty, with bass and brass influences. Its bouncy rhythms cloud the dark thoughts of the R&B stars, who yearn for stability. Verses centered around longing and heartbreak are complete with the soulful voices of Ty and dvsn’s Daniel Daley.

Rare Footage of Mac Miller Before His Death

More than three years after Mac’s death, fans are delighted to hear another verse from the rap star. His lyrical prowess is on display once again with his verse about sorrow and fame. Mac raps “Ooh, I know you like to laugh / But that don’t keep you right inside / Tell me, is it worth it? I ain’t perfect / Know that I ain’t been a nice guy / All the time, that’s the way that life it goes”. The verse aligns perfectly with the vocals of Ty and Daniel, whose smooth melodies compliment Mac’s tone.

Dvsn posted on their Instagram behind the scenes footage of the making of “I Believed It”. The clip features Mac Miller dancing along to the track. Fans are ecstatic to see unreleased footage of the late rapper, more than three years after his death.



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