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Discover Alternative Rock Band Garden Centre

Alternative rock band Garden Centre has dropped a quintessential indie album Searching For A Stream this past May. Their first album in over four years, Garden Centre continues to utilize their conservative instrumental vibe in many differentiated and unique ways.

Simply Nostalgic

The five-member band hailing from the UK first had its roots in 2016, when members from the separate bands King Of Cats, Joanna Gruesome, Towel, and Keel Her came together on Garden Centre’s self-titled debut album. Since then, they’ve released two more albums, creating dozens of tracks of what they call “relatively erratic pop music.” 

Garden Centre finds comfort in the simple, and yet, it is how they are able to be so complex. It is in their minimalistic choices for instruments—usually just drums, ambient guitar, bass, and light organ—that allows them to accentuate that longing feeling present in all of their music, especially in their latest album. Whether in explosive songs such as “Shock Site” or in more ballad-esque songs like “Talking on the Phone,” they are able to capture a range of emotions and captivate an even greater range of listeners. 

Inviting Meanings

And Garden Centre doesn’t just create empty, nostalgic soundscapes, but they actively imbue their own interesting messages into each of their tracks. In their track “Monster Energy,” Garden Centre discusses “energy drink consumption and semi-rural exploration.” In nostalgic throwbacks like “Wheelie,” the band invites listeners to indulge themselves in childish wonder and appreciate the little things in life like riding a bicycle in your neighborhood. Through their distinct singing and feel, Garden Centre has truly carved out their own niche in the indie sphere.

With 12 songs in “Searching For A Stream,” Garden Centre has pulled out all the stops for yet another adventure into another world. So check out their new album here.

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