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Did Robin Schultz Copy Southstar’s “Miss You”?

Robin Schultz is in a bit of hot water, as she is facing accusations for her collaboration “Miss You” with Oliver Tree.

Oliver Tree And Robin Schultz Release “Miss You”

In August 2022, “Miss You,” a collaboration by Robin Schultz and Oliver Tree was released. The elements of the track shared similarities with producer southstar’s track. Not only did the Schultz’ track have the same title (Miss You), but it utilized the same sample and identical production as southstar’s breakout hit. Even more, Robin Schultz’ version debuted at No. 10 on Billboard’s hot dance/electronic charts. Also, Oliver Tree and Robin Schulz’ “Miss You” collaboration rose 28-9 on the U.K. Singles Chart. 

Southstar Remixes “Jerk” By Oliver Tree

Previously, producer southstar released his rendition of “Jerk” by Oliver Tree under the title “Miss You” on May 9th, 2022. The track created a ripple effect blowing up in Germany, then spread across the world. Currently, “Miss You” by southstar has over 51 million streams on Spotify alone.

Southstar And Schultz Go Back And Forth


To resume, the young producer wasted no time calling Schultz out for stealing his song. On his Instagram story, southstar stated: “Robin Schulz stole my song ‘Miss You’, which I dropped over a month ago!” He was very disappointed to see that his rendition was being perceived as the original version, and under the name of another producer. 

In response to southstar’s claims, Robin Schultz’ management declared, “For over 20 years we have navigated fairly and with great respect for all artists and their creative work. Sometimes I am surprised by the audacity of other artists to deliberately disregard rights and works and capitalize on them.” Also, southstar took shots at Schultz in his music video for “Miss You”, with a building reading “fuck copycats.”

Lastly, Atlantic Records has taken matters into their own hands shutting down Southstar’s copy-cat claims. “Oliver Tree and Robin Schulz’s version of ‘Miss You’ is the definitive version of the song that uses both the recording and underlying composition from Oliver Tree’s original track ‘Jerk,’” says the spokesperson for Atlantic Records. They also stated that southstar did not have permission to remix “Jerk” by Oliver Tree. They claim that he re-recorded vocals so Oliver Tree and his label would not receive compensation.

What do ya’ll think? Let us know. 

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2 months ago

Surprised I’m the first to comment. It was definitely Oliver’s first. He had written it somewhere around 4 years prior and recorded it with Marshmellow. Anyway I believe it’s settled now.

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