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Dermot Kennedy Announces “Sonder” World Tour

Dermot Kennedy, a beloved Irish singer-songwriter, has recently announced his world tour “Sonder,” named after his newest album, Sonder.

The “Sonder” World Tour

Dermot Kennedy is set to tour his newest album, Sonder, on his upcoming world tour! The fan favorite will kick everything off in Germany on March 2nd. There, he’ll spend almost the entire month of March touring around Germany. Then, he’ll hit staple tour stops, such as Paris, and then London in April. Beginning on May 6th, Kennedy will have made his way to North America and shall perform in Vancouver. Next, he’ll travel down to the U.S. and hang around America for almost two months, his last U.S. date being June 20th. Finally, as of right now, Kennedy plans to finish out his world tour in Ireland for the rest of June and the beginning of July.

Make sure to watch the sale dates and get your tickets here before they’re all sold out!

Dermot Kennedy’s Growing Success In The U.S.

Dermot Kennedy is a very well-known name in Ireland and the UK. However, he’s still growing his fanbase here in the U.S. He’s working on getting more exposure, and part of that includes appearing on late night talk shows. One such talk show is The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Kennedy was recently a guest on The Tonight Show on February 6th. He performed his song “One Life,” which is off of his album Sonder.

Check out the live performance below!


If you go to Dermot Kennedy’s official website, you’ll notice a pop-up window asking you to share your #SonderStories. To promote his new album, Kennedy is interacting with his fans to make them feel seen, heard, and understood. Questions such as “What if a dream you’ve let go of?” prompt pages upon pages of vulnerable answers from fans.

Kennedy defines the word “sonder” on his website as a noun that is “the realization that each passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.” Kennedy is reaching his audience by asking them to be okay with public, yet still anonymous, openness.

Share your #SonderStories on Kennedy’s website to share in the relatability and knowledge that people aren’t alone.

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