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Chris Stapleton, Jon Batiste, Jason Isbell Invited to Nashville’s Big Back Yard Music Festivals

Nashville’s Big Back Yard, a quaint 12- connected community area in Tennessee, welcomes country singers Chris Stapleton, Jon Batiste, Jason Isbell, Brandi Carlile, and Amanda Shires to their music festival this month.

A Return to Rural

For Nashville’s Big Back Yard, they believe in connecting their wide community and promote opportunities in their small towns. They believe that small towns are on the rise, and their mission is to help cultivate their rural environment:

“Once again, technology leads the next migration. Broadband internet access levels the playing field for small towns, bringing the conveniences, culture, and economic opportunity of urban living right into the heart of rural America. …nashville big back yard Access to affordable land and a resourceful, caring community no longer requires sacrificing economic opportunity. And that’s a big deal for small towns.” 

In addition, their Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival also is inspired from the natural beauty of a rural environment. Inspired by the quaint, simple beauty of the countryside, the festival takes place on farmlands, with vendors and markets set up across the town of Franklin. The festival will also include the Americana Music Triangle Experience, which marks as a sort of outdoor museum for the history of the Pilgrimage festival. 

Numerous other small events will also take place coinciding with the Pilgrimage festival, each featuring different venues and different artists. 

World-class Musicians Visiting Nashville’s Big Back Yard

Obviously, renowned country singers will attend a countryside event. Nashville’s Big Back Yard will hold numerous events throughout various towns:

For the eighth year of the Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival, renowned country singers such as Chris Stapleton, who just was put into the Country Hall of Fame, Brandi Carlile, and Jon Batiste perform at the main venue of Harlinsdale Farm. 

The ShoalsFest will also be hosting a boutique event in early October, starring the Americana Folk star Jason Isbell. Amanda Shires will be joining Isbell at this event as well.

And the Fox & Locke venue will host an open mic for artists around the world. There have been guest performances from Carrie Underwood and Wynonna recently! 

 There are many other events happening throughout Nashville’s Big Back Yard, with once in a lifetime experiences listening to incredible musicians in a scenic countryside rather than a crowded stadium. Click here for more information about Nashville’s Big Back Yard, and for more information on this upcoming event!

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