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Carys Releases Her Newest Pop Single, “Psychic”

Carys, a Canadian pop singer and actress, has just released her newest pop single, “Psychic.”

Carys: Her Start Began ‘Backstage’

Canadian singer and actress Carys, born Aviva Chiara Mongillo, has recently released her latest single, “Psychic.” Carys, when she was still only known as Aviva Chiara Mongillo, started her entertainment career at a young age. She took acting, vocal, and guitar lessons before even entering middle school. While in high school, she uploaded several original songs to SoundCloud and achieved every independent musician’s dream: she garnered the attention of a music producer.

Carys "Psychic" cover

This music producer, based in Toronto, invited her to work at the recording studio. She was asked to collaborate on several songs with other songwriters there. Soon, they revealed to her that the songs were being made for Backstage, an upcoming TV show. Carys auditioned for this show, and earned herself the main role of Alya Kendrick. Backstage premiered on the Family Channel, a Canadian TV channel that previously had access to Disney Channel’s programming library.

After Backstage, Carys released her debut single and EP. She also acted in several more films and TV shows. In 2019, she released her first single under her new stage name, Carys. Later that year, her song “Princesses Don’t Cry” received a huge amount of attention on social media. Carys can thank the phenomenon that is TikTok and its users, who constantly resurface old, forgotten songs.


Psychic” is 2000s reminiscent. The drumbeat, guitars, and Carys’ vocals all emulate the typical 2000s sound practically every alternative rock song once had. “Psychic” is a pop song, but it does have hints and influences of alt rock.

Carys sings about envisioning a future with someone she likes. She wishes that person would trust her and take the leap to be with her. In the pre-chorus, she sings about the signs she feels. “Screaming, chills up my spine / I’m feeling all of the signs / Got visions of you pulling me in / The way our hands just fit / I can see it and I like it,”

Afterwards, in the chorus, Carys pleads her case for her visions. “I must be psychic / Out of the blue, see a future with you / I must be psychic / Summer in June, dancing under the moon / Don’t say it’s crazy / Tell me, can you see it yet? / I must be psychic / Psychic and I like it,”

Check out the music video for “Psychic” below!

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