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Camila Cabello opens soccer Champions League Final and gets “booed”

On May 28, 2022, the final of the most important soccer competition, UEFA Champions League, took place. To open the show, Camila Cabello performed her most famous singles.

Camila cabello

Camila Cabello introducing UEFA Champions League finale

UEFA Champions League is probably the most prestigious championship for soccer teams, at least on the European ground. The contest is internationally famous for the big players and teams that play in it. For this reason, UEFA Champions League is an unmissable event for any soccer fan. And it just get’s better and louder with the finale.

Soon after being chosen as the new judge to the music contest The Voice, Camila Cabello performed to one of the most important soccer game. In fact, right before the game, the singer took the stage, playing for her European fans her classics Havana and Don’t Go Yet.

The downfall of the performance

Looking and performing at her best, Camila Cabello gave a strong, energetic and vibrant show. The performance struck all her worldwide fans, who said she never looked as good before. However, the performance ended unbelievably badly. In fact, the stadium was filled with a general tension that led fans to critique the artist performance. In particular, fans belonged to the the Liverpool side. The tension rose due to difficulties in letting the Liverpool fans getting in the stadium. The problem consequentially ended in multiple delays of the game. The final was, indeed, delayed by 36 minutes. Following the incident, Liverpool began an investigation to understand what led to the exclusion of thousands of fans from the stadium. On top of that, while fans were waiting to enter the match, police hit them with tear gas, pepper spray, batons and shields.

To the daze of the singer’s fans, which immediately came on social platforms to comment the event, Camila Cabello left the stage with a surprising lack of support.

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