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Black Thought is “The God Of The Microphone” in Cheat Codes

Black Thought And Danger Mouse collaboration album Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes

The highly anticipated collaboration album Cheat Codes from rapper Black Thought and producer Danger Mouse finally released on August 12th. Cheat Codes is comprised of versatile artists like Russ, Joey Bada$$, Conway The Machine, Raekwon and more.


“Strangers” is jam packed with electric verses from Black Thought, A$AP Rocky, El-P, and Killer Mike. Importantly, the compelling production and endless bars the track keeps us stimulated despite the lack of a hook. “Strangers” released on August 9th, as the fourth single off Cheat Codes the album. 

In addition, the beat on “Strangers” includes boisterous drums with abstract synths. The lyrics detail Black Thought, Rocky, El-P, and Killer Mike in a braggadocious light while also demanding their respect, and denouncing the so called “tough guys.” One of the many standout bars from the track comes from Killer Mike. On the fourth verse he raps, 

“No patience for racists, send ’em to damn Satan

Cold rages, I stay in God’s divine graces 

And all my chains on when I rap, bitch, I’m Ghostfacin’” 

To dissect more of “Strangers,” listen to the track here and watch the music video down below. 



Cheat Codes the album, commences with “Sometimes.” The track is composed of sentimental vocals over an array of violins, piano, and guitar strings. Black Thought addresses themes of racial injustice mentioning the Black author Richard Wright. Wright is well known for his novels on race. His work detailed the discrimination and violence faced by African Americans during the late 19th to mid-20th centuries.


“Clap your hands whether you in Paterson or Pakistan

Richard Wright, black boy that grew into a blacker man

Early African or European, which was more supreme

The visions vary, this shit get scary, inform your team”


The track opens and closes with the spoken words, 


“Oh, sometimes, sometimes, it gets real dangerous, y’all

It gets real dangerous, y’all

Havin’ one love”


Black Thought reflects on his experiences and the danger he faces being a Black man. His lyricism is brilliant and his vulnerability is courageous. 

Check out the track here

“Violas And Lupitas”

Lastly, the fifth and final track of Cheat Codes,Violas And Lupitas” highlights Black Thought’s pride for his blackness and accomplishments. 

“​​Musa Keita toss the carry-on luggage to agree to my black skin

Somewhere between violas and lupita, go ask them

About the gatekeeper, world leader

Kill shit quicker than Usain could run a hundred meter”


The title of the track pays homage to Viola Davis and Lupita Nyong’o; two highly successful Black female actresses. They have kicked down glass ceilings and opened doors for other dark skin Black female actresses in the film industry. Their accomplishments are monumental, as they face colorism and racism in the industry that favors non-black and light skin women. 

Finally, when it comes to rap, Black Thought cannot be touched. He raps in “No Gold Teeth,”

“When it comes to the job getting done, what am I?
The god of the microphone, praise the lord”

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