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Babyface Reveals Collaboration Album, ‘Girls’ Night Out’ featuring Ella Mai, Queen Naija, Ari Lennox, Kehlani, and many others

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The singer song-writer Babyface is coming to satisfy our old school R&B cravings with a collaboration album, ‘Girls’ Night Out’ featuring some of the essential women in R&B today. Babyface has excitement surrounding the ‘Girls Night Out’ album release. This will mark his first album release with Capitol Records. New music has been long awaited from Babyface, with Return Of The Tender Lover released in 2015, being the last project we received from him. Babyface describes the album as “a sonic journey through love, heartbreak and all of the emotions in between.” The artists Babyface has recruited for this album have given us heartbreak and love anthems. Therefore, we “Girls Night Out” is likely to be an R&B classic. 

Babyface’ Classic Hits

Babyface arose in the late 80’s with classic hits “Tender Lover,” “When Can I See You,” “Every Time I Close My Eyes” and many more, creating a sound and presence in the genre of R&B. Babyfaces’ smooth and sensual vocals are of vital importance to today’s R&B, inspiring the new generation of R&B artists such as Bryson Tiller, Lucky Daye, Daniel Caesar and many more. ​​

New Album Features

Particularly, his album features female R&B vocalists Ella Mai, Queen Naija, Ari Lennox, Doechii, and non-binary R&B and pop artist Kehlani and many others. Ari Lennox has a voice straight out of the 80s. She has smash hits like Shea Butter Baby, BMO (Break Me Off) and Whipped Cream. Queen Naija has a range that is outworldly and Kehlani’s unique tone and lyricism makes them a staple artist in today’s R&B. 

“Keeps On Fallin”

In fact, the first single released from the Collab Album “Keeps on Fallin’,” features Ella Mai. It gives us a taste of the catchy, melodious, 2000s vibe Babyface is creating in his new music era. He combines his old school R&B genius and vocals with modern artists of R&B emerging from the last 5-10 years.

Waiting To Exhale

“The process for it reminded me of when I did Waiting to Exhale and I’m excited for the world to hear,” Babyface states. If this album is anything like Waiting To Exhale then ‘Girls Night Out’ will be a certified classic. The album sold over seven million copies and earned 11 Grammy nominations. Waiting To Exhale features performances from Whitney Houston, Tony Braxton, Brandy, Mary J Blige and more. The success of Waiting To Exhale and the anticipation for ‘Girls Night Out’ demonstrates the impact and necessity of women in R&B music.

Creative Process of ‘Girls Night Out’

Overall, Babyface felt the rush in the studio creating this new collab album, that he did creating his old music. And that nostalgic feel is something many people are craving. ‘Girls Night Out’ the collaboration album is set to release in late October. I’m certain this album will comfort us through the cold months and cure your heartbreak blues. 

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